How to Achieve a Monthly Churn Rate of 1% or Lower

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The biggest story during the Apple Watch’s release had nothing to do with the watch’s features — it was all about the price. While Apple released the Sport model in the $349 to $399 range, it also released the Edition model, with a starting price of $10,000, and a maximum price of $17,000. The $17,000 watch generated outrage and mockery from many. Of course, these commentators completely missed the point. The $17,000 watch serves the same purpose for its audience as the Corvette for Chevrolet, the Viper for Dodge, and the GT for Ford. The guy driving down the road in his Chevrolet Malibu can look over with admiration at the Corvette passing him and think, “The same company that designs and builds that car, made my car.” It makes his car look like a great value by comparison. Now an Apple watch customer can feel like he got a … Continued

The Obvious Secret

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There’s an ultimate test of physical endurance and mental fortitude: a six-day, 153.2 mile ultra marathon across the Sahara desert called the Marathon des Sables (Marathon of the Sands). Competitors carry their own supplies as they compete in temperatures exceeding 120 degrees. The longest one-day distance covers 50.6 miles and includes 14.3 miles of sand dunes. Four-time champion Mohamad Ahansal grew up in the Sahara. And in a place where most just try to survive, the skills Mohamad learned helped him become a winner in one of the most grueling footraces in the world. Since 1997, either Mohamad or his older brother, Lahcen, had won the race, until last year, when Rachid el Morabity, their trainee, beat Mohamad by seven minutes. Morabity attributes his winning time to using a unique zigzag method to climb the large sand dunes that make up many miles of the race. “Other runners, they go … Continued

The Secret to Long-term Member Retention is in the Welcome


The single most important time to build a relationship with your member is what is the most overlooked by membership marketers. Everyone wants to talk about their sales letters, marketing funnels, and automated upsells. The new member welcome is rarely discussed but makes all the difference in whether or not your new member gets value from your product and retains his membership versus asking for a refund and canceling. I’m currently working with a client’s program development manager to rebuild his product and welcome sequence. From an instructional design perspective, the program development manager has pulled together an excellent training program. It provides members with everything they need to know, including several exercises, and lays out the planning that is necessary to make them successful. Unfortunately, few members were getting through the training. In fact, they were quitting faster than ever before. Academically, the program was solid, but it took … Continued

Crushing it in Nashville: Generating $75,866 in One 75-Minute Presentation

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“What a weekend and experience. Sold 38 packages ($1,997!) to a room of 125 CPAs/EAs. I never experienced a rush to the back of the room like this. What a feeling! Better than drugs!! Thanks for all your help and talk soon!!” Michael and I have invested a lot of time on his product, offer, and presentation. Plus, Michael spent several weeks studying other successful presentations and top presenters, looking for ways to improve his pitch. After trading emails, Michael later wrote:

Identifying Your Best Opportunity

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An IMA member from the UK faced a problem many info-marketers share, too many choices, not enough focus. Here is his question: Robert, I’ve run design businesses for the last 26 years—had great times in the good ol’ days with sales of over half a million dollars. Right now, because of the economy and through deviating into marketing consultancy, it is myself and wife with a couple of regular freelancers, and we now work from a home office. The design business is down (and I don’t want general design biz anymore—no money in it!), and I really need to get my act together. I’ve identified three key areas that I could focus on providing info on a marketing system: To other design companies—they are historically bad at marketing themselves and feeling a lot of ‘pain’ at the moment due to the perceived value of design diminishing in general. However, I’m … Continued

Transforming Referral Partners Into Proud Members of Your Exclusive Club


When a dentist sees a patient with disease or the need for a dental implant, they often refer that patient to a periodontist who specializes in those cases. How do you become the periodontist a dentist choses to refer his patients to? Most periodontists believe you do this by dropping off a box of doughnuts, making visits, and networking at dental meetings. Problem is, everyone uses the same tactics that don’t work. When Dr. Jeff Anzalone, a periodontist in Monroe, Louisiana, reached out to me for a consulting day, we took a different direction. Dr. Anzalone created a one-of-a-kind training event for dentists and their staff within Monroe, Louisiana. This event featured a high-profile, in-demand speaker and a fun atmosphere — plus, Dr. Anzalone offered it for free to dentists who were referring a certain number of patients to his practice every month. How did he know who those dentists … Continued

When is more too much?

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I can clearly remember thinking, in 2008 as our country entered the recession, “maybe I’ll finally be able to get some decent service in a restaurant.” While high employment and rising home prices gave American’s the highest disposable income in history, it made fewer people the motivation to provide great service. After all, with so many people dining out the problem was what to do with everyone waiting for a table rather than worrying about providing your guests great service. The recession meant fewer people were eating out. A new phenomenon began; employees in the businesses I frequented became more appreciative. So far this year I’ve been genuinely impressed with the level of service I’ve received. But, in some instances it’s become too much. Last Wednesday evening I had dinner with a friend in a high end steak house in Chicago. The kind of place where you expect great service. … Continued

“Don’t Tell Anyone We Suck at This” The First Step for Improving Member Retention

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I think of myself as similar to a bug man. Think about it for a second — what would be the perfect testimonial for a bug man? Perhaps something like, “My house was full of roaches until I called Bug Man. He came in, killed the roaches, and vacuumed up the carcasses, and now when we turn on the light to our pantry, none of those buggers scurry around.” Who on earth is going to sign their name to that testimonial? No one wants to admit to their friends and neighbors that they had such a terrible roach problem in their home. I have a similar challenge as the “bug man” for membership programs. It’s hard for my clients to admit they need help. For membership marketers, their number of paid members and number of dropped members each month, as well as their rate of membership program growth, are very … Continued

Overcoming Your Limitations

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Let me set the record straight on limitations. You and I have real limitations. Anyone telling you that you can live in a world without limitations is trying to delude you—or has already deluded themselves. For instance, there are only 24 hours in a day. You need food and shelter to survive. These are limitations. Also, each of us has some basic level of work we must do to “pay the bills.” It may be a job, a current business you operate or a coaching program to maintain. Each of these has a time requirement that limits how much time you have to invest in “achieving your dreams.” I don’t know about you, but my preference is to confront reality rather than to “dream of a life without limits.” I’ve found this works well for my coaching clients, too. One thing I would like to point out: Most of us … Continued