Critical and often overlooked


I have a coaching client who is working as hard as anyone I know. Yet, he isn’t getting the results his hard work deserves. And, when I suggest changes he’s SO busy keeping up with his current commitments it’s a challenge to implement anything new. In many third world countries children have to walk an hour in the pre-dawn darkness to the village square to fill her family’s pot with water. Then, she has to walk an hour back home lugging that pot of water. All that, so their family could start the day with a pot of water. These people are trapped because they must devote so much time to staying alive that breaking free from poverty is inconceivable to them. You and I get to start the day with water, just by turning on the tap. We have a two-hour advantage. A tool that allows you to accomplish … Continued

How to Build a Membership That’ll Last for Decades

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Each night during my week in Ireland, I shared a room with Perry Marshall and Bill Hammond. We stayed in three different places, and at each one, the three of us shared a room. On the fourth night, as I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep, I heard water running. I didn’t think much of it; I figured someone else within the bed and breakfast was taking a shower or something. But then at 2:36 a.m., when I got up to use the restroom, I heard the water running again.

Overcoming my fear of success


I’d finally accomplished everything I had been working toward for years, but now that I had it, I hated it. I was a consultant, and I had successfully tripled my prices. I exceeded my competitors’ rates by double. But I had a problem. I realized there was no way I could grow my income further without working even more hours or hiring additional employees. Neither option was attractive to me. The solution was to create an info-marketing business. It was the only way I could replace my trading-hours-for-dollars working life for one where I could work once and get paid several times. Otherwise I’d never again expand my income, and I’d always be just a few months lost income away from bankruptcy. But I was comfortable. To get where I was, I’d had to work 70+ hours a week for years. Now I finally had some flexibility. I had built … Continued

The Secret Ingredients Radio Show Hosts and Smart Membership Marketers Use to Build a Loyal Membership

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There’s no one in a better position to help people than membership marketers. You are giving people the tools and motivation to help them improve their lives. I want to congratulate you and reward you with a secret of how to make your membership program grow. Popular radio hosts take on an advocacy position for their audience; they discuss a topic and stake out an opinion the majority of their audience will readily agree with. There’s no one better at this than Rush Limbaugh. He repeatedly tells his listeners he’s fighting for them against injustice and praises the intelligence of his listeners by denigrating non-listeners as the “low-information crowd.”

What is your number?

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During my last three consultations with clients, the same issue came up, so I thought I’d share it with you here. Many of our goals are nebulous and difficult to think about because they appear far away and out of reach. To someone who has never earned more than $100,000.00 a year, “Build a million-dollar business” will seem like a monumental task. And so it’s difficult to envision a goal like that. I have difficult-to-envision goals, too. In my case, I have “helping people” goals. For my clients within each category, I establish certain number goals. I list the number of clients I have and compare it to the number of people I’m able to help. But that’s not what keeps me motivated. That’s not how I really “keep score.” Instead, everything I do is 100 percent focused on my “enough is enough” number. It’s the dollar amount that completely … Continued

Increasing Your Rate of Opt-ins to Buyers by 156 Percent

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Monthly coaching client, Susan Berkley, helps her clients make it big as voice actors. Susan recently asked me to review her marketing funnel. While she was getting a healthy rate of opt-ins for her free ebook, Voice Over Secrets Exposed: How to Make BIG MONEY With Your Speaking Voice (Without Leaving Your Home!), Susan wanted to increase the number of clients purchasing her $19.95 consultation with one of her “friendly talent advisors.”

The pro-golfer approach to business

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I played my best golf during college. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, my last class of the day was Governmental Accounting. I’d look over at my friend and with one nod to each other, we knew—there was no way we could sit through a lecture when the weather was so nice outside. So, we’d get up and leave for the golf course before class started. Even when I was playing my best golf, I was a hack. I was self-taught, “gripping and ripping.” Don’t get me wrong, I practiced. I’d go out on the driving range and hit balls. Or we’d practice on the putting green by betting each other a dollar per hole for whoever sank a putt with fewer strokes. But when it was time to drive the ball, I’d stand on the tee box, take a swing and see how far it went. I had no idea how … Continued

Benefits Don’t Improve Retention, Only This Does

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I think of myself as similar to a bug man. Think about it for a second — what would be the perfect testimonial for a bug man? Perhaps something like, “My house was full of roaches until I called Bug Man. He came in, killed the roaches, and vacuumed up the carcasses, and now when we turn on the light to our pantry, none of those buggers scurry around.” Who on earth is going to sign their name to that testimonial? No one wants to admit to their friends and neighbors that they had such a terrible roach problem in their home. I have a similar challenge as the “bug man” for membership programs. It’s hard for my clients to admit they need help. For membership marketers, their number of paid members and number of dropped members each month, as well as their rate of membership program growth, are very … Continued

Why self-reliance is a myth


For most of my business life I’ve been the type of person who always wanted to learn how do everything myself. Even things like network server maintenance. It was so difficult explaining what I wanted or finding someone who could fix it, I just learned it and repaired it myself. I figured it was easier to do it myself than try to find someone else and to communicate what I wanted. It’s made me really good at a lot of tasks. But although I have so many skills, it’s left me lacking in one important way. I started figuring out that my approach was all wrong about 8 years ago.   I had a telephone call with Rory Fatt of Restaurant Marketing Systems. He told me, “I never try to learn how to do something myself. Instead, I find the best person and pay them to implement for me. It’s a … Continued