Why You May Be Self-Destructing Your Successful Business and Life

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I’m a recovering couch potato. When I started running five years ago, my goal was to run three miles without stopping. I’d never run more than half a mile, so three sounded like a huge stretch. My wife and I are now preparing to run in the 2016 Boston Marathon. I don’t enjoy driving 26 miles, much less running it! But my wife worked hard and qualified by running a 3 hour and 37 minute marathon last year, so we are going to Boston. Marathon training takes up a lot of time. My work with clients, my time with family, and the Florida State Seminoles football games take up the rest of my waking hours. But, when you have big goals, you’ve got to make choices.

My Case Study System Revealed for You


Imagine teaching someone how to use a hammer—in writing. You could explain where to hold the hammer, how to hold the nail and how to swing the hammer to strike the nail. But to someone who’s never seen or used a hammer before, will any of it make sense? Is he going to hold a nail in one hand and swing the hammer with the other if he has never seen how it works? It’s a lot easier to demonstrate how hammering a nail works than trying to explain it. When someone sees it in action, he instantly understands, even if he doesn’t yet have the skill to do it himself. At least he can see how it works and know it is possible to get it to work. Either way, he is a lot closer to having the confidence to swing a hammer toward a nail pinched between two … Continued

Why Your New Member Welcome Package May Be Increasing Cancellations and How to Fix It

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Imagine yourself walking into a restaurant at 3:32 p.m. It’s three hours past your regular lunchtime, and you are starving because you were in a hurry and skipped breakfast earlier, as well as your normal lunch. You have a headache from not eating. You are grumpy and all around sick, just from feeling so hungry. You finally get the attention of the hostess who was busy with table work as the lunch rush has long passed. The hostess walks you to a table where you are immediately greeted by your server.

What real professionals do

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Pilots must have 1,500 hours of flight time to become a commercial pilot. That would be more than two months of flying if done nonstop, 24 hours a day. If you flew two hours a day, every day, it would take you more than two years to log those hours. Plus, this required hands-on experience is on top of the classroom study and homework necessary to qualify for flight time. But that’s what we want from the people who have our lives in their hands. Recurring training is just as rigorous. Each year pilots face a pass/fail oral exam where they must recite, from memory, procedures in response to emergency situations and details like the maximum crosswind limit on a wet runway with visibility less than three-quarters of a mile. But that’s what we want from the people who have our lives in their hands. After pilots pass the oral … Continued

Don’t take my word for it; shut the back door and see if it works

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What’s more important for you? To recruit more new members or to work on retaining the members you have before you add more new members? Many tell me that they want to add new members now, and then as they grow, they’ll improve their member retention. You know what, in some situations this makes perfect sense. I’ve been working with one of my clients this year on building member recruitment programs. Although his business would be better if he had better retention, we have focused on recruiting new members. After all, there’s no reason to perfect a program we can’t sell. But once you are past the testing phase, then it’s time to improve. Larry Osborne, an expert in church marketing, is famous for saying, “There’s no reason to open the front door until you close the back door.” What he means is that until you are keeping the families … Continued

Sneak Peak: A Welcome Letter that Boosts Member Retention

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Many of Perry Marshall’s Mastermind Club members have retained their membership since the day he first launched his program. His loyal members love his monthly newsletter and other deliverables, and some have stayed more than five years already. With long-term retention like that, I knew we shouldn’t make any changes to Perry’s monthly deliverables. That said, while the long-standing members loved the program, there were still a number of members who tried Perry’s Mastermind Club but dropped out within a month or two. I determined I could have the greatest impact by helping Perry create a member welcome system that fostered a strong relationship with his new members.

Do they say “I was a member once” about you?

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Today’s social media gives all of your members, current and former, a megaphone. Fair or not, they post. And increasingly, even your affluent members, especially the ones who have the education and the time, know where to look. Plus, you have the traditional rumor mill. One friend asking another, “Have you heard about that guy who published that book?” “Yeah. Tried his program. It didn’t work for me.” Does it matter that this member never opened your package and doesn’t want to admit that your system is great and the problem is he never worked your system? Not to his friend, it doesn’t.

Are there too many info-marketers?


After sending out a promotion for GKIC’s Info-Summit, I was asked, as I often am, “What about market saturation; are there already too many information marketers?” Of all the markets, there are more info-marketers in the dentist niche than in any other. Just off the top of my head, there’s Dr. Tom Orent, Dr. Robert Willis, Woody Oakes, Greg Stanley, Jerry Jones, Mike Massotto, Dr. Chris Griffin, Dr. James McAnally and Dr. Charlie Martin, each running thriving info-marketing businesses. Then there’s Jay Geier, who serves both chiropractic and dentistry, and he’s a major force within both niches. With all these info-marketers serving dentists, isn’t the market saturated? I can safely say no. I’ve had the opportunity to work with three additional info-marketers who are either launching new info-businesses or are expanding within the dentistry niche. John Cotton has provided excellent coaching services to dentists throughout Alabama and the surrounding states. … Continued

T-boned by a Toyota

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Imagine cruising down a country road in your brand new BMW 750i. A beautiful car that combines performance with luxury. It takes the curves with ease, even at higher than normal speeds. Out of nowhere, your driver’s door gets rammed by a 1994 Toyota Camry that missed a stoplight. Your air bags go off and you lose control, regaining your composure just in time to steer around a pole and stop your car before you end up at the bottom of a ditch. This is what it’s like when you have a membership program with high monthly churn rates. Churn is the number of members who dropped out of your program this month divided by the number of members you had at the beginning of the month. Fifteen percent is common. And anything over 5 percent is like getting T-boned.