The Member Engagement Secret That’ll Attract and Retain More Members in 2016

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The Double Your Membership in 2016 LiveCast series over the last two months was a terrific success. I worked personally with the participants, and you’ll benefit over the next few months by seeing the tremendous before-and-after transformations. And, they’ll benefit from their membership growth. What I’m most proud of, though, is the growth the members will receive. What I teach turns your membership subscription programs into life-improving experiences for your members. I received a nice message from Ben Glass when he forwarded the email from Alivia you read about here. When I received it, I cried. While I was proud of Ben and his marketing director, Charlie Mann, for what they’d accomplished in their business, I was most proud of the positive impact their business has had on people’s lives. Ben’s one-page article recognized Alivia for what she’s accomplished. She’s already taken a step forward in her skills and abilities. … Continued

Do Free Trial Offers Create New Member Growth or Member Churn?


Within this video you’ll discover: Do free-trial offers contribute to long-term member growth? The biggest downfall of programs such as Groupon and what it means for building your membership program. How to attract subscriber members who are grateful to you and eagerly want to keep their subscriptions. Leave any comments or new ideas below.  I read them all and answer when appropriate.

The System to Grow Your Business


Your teachings have made a huge difference for me these past two years and I’m expecting some big gains this next year due to modeling my business after your pyramid. I’ll look forward to sharing the details with you sometime in near future. You don’t shortcut the shortcut. Hear people telling me they want to launch continuity programs or have other ideas how to do this. This is the fastest, most powerful route. Alex Jarrett I’ve been blessed the last few weeks to have received messages like Alex’s from several long-time IMA members. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to receive your notes. I can still remember the frustration and tears, on my knees in front of my desk, praying to God: “Whatever it takes, just show me what to do and I’ll work day and night to make it happen.” I sincerely appreciate his kind … Continued

The Single Most Powerful Member Recruitment and Retention Tool


There are three key decision points in your membership lifecycle. All of which can swing in your favor with the same tool. Before I explain the tool and how you can use it, here are those decision points: When a potential member is considering joining your program. When a new member is trying to find time to engage in your materials to get value. When an existing member is deciding whether or not to retain his or her membership. It’s at each of these points that a well-crafted client case study can make the difference between a long-term member or a member gone forever. Really? A client case study? Yes. These case studies and client stories are the most powerful tools you have on your side to foster strong relationships with potential members, new members, and long-time members. The publishing industry has undergone a huge transformation in recent years with … Continued

What Makes the Difference between Programs That Get Subscriber Member Engagement and Those with High Churn Rates

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Within this video you’ll discover: The single-most important key transforming subscriber members from short time churn into long-term members. The source of huge profits in other businesses that becomes the largest liability for membership programs. Two examples of membership programs that generate maximum engagement from new members. Leave any comments or new ideas below.  I read them all and answer when appropriate.

How I Overcome Distractions and Overwhelm

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While my alarm is set for 5 a.m. each morning, I often wake by 4 a.m. Those are the trickiest mornings. As I lie there, trying to get back to sleep, I can make all kinds of side deals with myself. I’ll think, “I’ve been lying here 15 minutes, and now I’ve only got 45 minutes until it’s time to get up. Forty-five minutes isn’t worth falling asleep for; I’ll move my alarm to 5:15 a.m. to give myself a full hour.” Then when 5:15 a.m. comes, I’ll rationalize that because I had trouble sleeping, I may as well get up at 6 a.m. to make sure I’m not too sleepy later in the day. Then when 6 a.m. comes, I’ll talk myself into some other reason to stay in bed. That morning self-talk is a tricky thing. I have found it’s especially tricky when I allow myself to get … Continued

The Secret Feature That’ll Transform Your Newsletter Into a Monthly Member Retention Device

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After visiting me in Tallahassee for a consulting day, Ben Glass and his cracker-jack marketing director, Charlie Mann, put my newsletter formula into action. You can see some examples of how they now feature client stories to illustrate what they teach. These client stories make it easier to complete your newsletter, and they provide great instructional content for readers because they learn the lesson and they get to see an example. And, most powerful of all, getting featured in your newsletter is a powerful motivator for your readers. Here’s a comment Ben received from a member after a recent newsletter:      Hi Ben,      Last Thursday, I arrived at the office expecting it to be like any other day. It wasn’t even out of the      ordinary for Kenny to gather the team in our conference room to read aloud your newsletter. He began with the headline, “Diamond Elite Coaching Member … Continued

How to Onboard Your New Subscriber Members to Maximize Retention

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Within this video you’ll discover: The key onboarding tool to make it easy for your new member to generate results. How do identify the single-most important first step your new member must take to become successful. How to get your members to engage in your program to move from being a member for a couple of weeks to becoming a member for life. Leave any comments or new ideas below.  I read them all and answer when appropriate.

Content Creation Secrets from the Food Network

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This has the power to transform everything you do in 2016. Imagine a magic wand that can make all the work you currently do more effective at generating customers and profit. This wasn’t as important years ago when the economy was good. Today, there are far more distractions, and consumers are a lot more discerning about where to spend their money. Last week I told you about the Northwestern University Media Management Center study that revealed people are not reading newspapers, magazines and blog sites for news; they are there for a “time-out” experience. Here are the reasons for reading that researchers heard from consumers and the real basis of whether a consumer liked a particular newspaper, blog or magazine: “It takes my mind off other things that are going on.” “It’s an escape.” “I like to go to this site when I am eating or taking a break.” “It … Continued

What the Presidential Race Reveals About How You Can Build a Vibrant Tribe of Supporters

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Over the last couple of months, I’ve seen a lot of The Skrob Report readers at mastermind meetings and events like GKIC’s Info-SummitSM and Infusionsoft’s PartnerCon. Everywhere I go, friends and readers of The Skrob Report ask me about the upcoming Presidential elections. Readers ask me who I think will win. Then they want to tell me who they think will win. I know who is not going to win, and that’s Donald Trump. The national polls are irrelevant, even though voting is set to start in less than a month. The reason? The national polls contemplate a national popular vote election for the Republican nomination which doesn’t happen. Instead, individual states vote over the course of several months from February to May. During this period, individual states vote on a nominee. When you look at the state-by-state breakdown for Donald Trump, it’s not so “amazing” for the billionaire. Over … Continued