Retain Members Longer by Engagement with Your Team

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Imagine you’re signing up for a new membership when you’re suddenly told you’re about to be connected with “customer service.” What image comes to mind? Is it the bad service you’ve received from other customer service departments in the past? Are you about to be delegated to the poorest trained, newest employee in the company? Now that you’ve finished your long conversation with a sales person, are you really going to have to explain everything again to someone else so they can actually get you the solutions you’ve been trying to get? It’s not likely that you are thinking, “Oh boy, now I get to talk to someone else.” And your new member isn’t thinking this either. Getting handed off is a scary experience for your new member. They don’t know who your people are. They don’t know that these people are the ones who actually create solutions for your … Continued

How to stand out from the swirl

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You and I are bombarded by commercial messages. While Consumer Reports estimates the average American receives 247 commercial messages each day, it seems like I get more than that in emails alone. Each of us has to adopt a coping mechanism to get through the day without spending all of our time reading and listening to advertising. You and I ignore most of it. We delete the email unopened, we pass by the billboard unread and I bet you are even ignoring the ads in the right column next to this article. Of course, it’s the only way we can get through our day. Each of us focuses on what matters to us. If it doesn’t seem important at first glance, it’s immediately ignored. Our customers are making those same judgments. Each time you and I send an email, display a web advertisement or send a direct mail piece, our … Continued

How to Stop Your Members from Quitting


With all the reasons your members have for quitting, is it any wonder you’re able to keep your members at all? As a matter of fact, while there are many reasons for your members to quit, there are five — and only five — reasons your members will stay. Members stay for … 1. Return on investment — value received in excess of their membership investment. 2. Mission — to be part of a movement that’s bigger than themselves. 3. Growth — an opportunity to contribute back to the community. 4. Recognition — applause and acclaim from a peer group they respect. 5. Connection — relationships formed with other members. But none of this matters if they fall out of “enchantment.” When your new member joined, he was excited about solving some problem or experiencing some breakthrough. Your sales materials promoted the transformations he would undergo as a member. He … Continued

Something I believed that held me back

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“I’m amazed at how much you get done.” I hear this all the time from clients and friends. Actually, I’m the one who’s amazed. Not because of how much I accomplish, but because they are impressed. It doesn’t seem like I’m accomplishing that much to me. All I see is the long list of unfinished projects left to do. Still, I’ve picked up a few insights I can share about getting things done. “The do-it-yourself movement ruined America.” My friend Rob Berkley said this at a recent mastermind meeting. His comment really struck me. In the drive for independence, costs savings and the feeling of accomplishment, we strive to complete projects by ourselves. Years ago my wife and I tiled our bathroom and kitchen floors. We rented the expensive masonry saw, but we had to buy several other tools. Plus, we had to learn a lot of new skills. I … Continued

Unleash a Vibrant Community Among Your Customers to Become the No. 1 Player in Your Industry

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What if you owned more than 45 percent of your market? The mutual fund company, The Vanguard Group, does just that. More than 45 percent of the money flowing into mutual funds today goes into a Vanguard managed fund. You’d think they wouldn’t need to do much for their customers. In fact, since they specialize in index traded, set-it-and-forget-it type investment vehicles, you’d think they wouldn’t need to communicate with their members. In fact, the opposite is true. The Vanguard Group has one of the most vibrant customer tribes in the investment world, and it’s a large part of their success. My friend and client Ben Glass of Great Legal Marketing passed along a January 2016 article from Kiplinger’s Personal Finance entitled, “The World According to Bogleheads.” The term “Boglehead” may not mean much to you, but I’ve been a Boglehead since 1991. Actually, we weren’t called Bogleheads then; instead … Continued

If you ran a Harley dealership

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“The swirl” is one of the things we talk about with Harley-Davidson dealers when we are coaching them to improve the profitability of their dealerships. At any given time in a dealership, there are customers considering buying motorcycles, trying on clothes or waiting for their motorcycles to be serviced; service techs working on motorcycles; parts orders arriving via UPS; and a parade of salespeople walking through the showroom. There are a hundred things the dealer would like to pay attention to, and at the end of the day, he’s exhausted. He works hard every day, but he can’t find time for the things that are most important because he is too busy. That’s the swirl. Perhaps you have it in your own business. So many different urgencies crop up that you aren’t able to work on what’s most important. It’s like one of those shooting galleries at the fair. Targets … Continued

Using the Power of Exclusivity to Grow Your Revenue

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Understanding exclusivity and how it can be used to motivate customers into buying doesn’t make you exempt from its power. In fact, it’s the real reason I’m running the Boston Marathon. I want to be in that exclusive group! There’s no good reason to run a marathon. Yeah, the marathon is 26.2 miles long, but that’s the least of the running. Since December I’ve been “training” to prepare for the marathon itself. Heck, I even ran a marathon last month to prepare for the marathon. Why? How many people can say they ran the Boston Marathon? Sure there are 35,000 runners at the Boston Marathon, but still — that’s a fraction of the small minority of people who have ever completed a marathon in general. Few marathon runners ever make it to Boston. Now I’ll be one of them! And, I’d like to invite you along with me, but first … Continued

Mentally prepared to make a kill

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The mother lion slowly creeps closer to the edge of the prairie where a family of gazelles grazes nearby. The gazelles are always skittish. Ever watchful to protect the herd. Yet as they graze, the lioness creeps closer. The lioness has a pack of cubs in her den. She’s been hunting for hours, ranging from one prairie to the next, looking for something to bring back to feed her cubs. There has been only one opportunity so far today, just after sunrise, and it got away. Now, well past mid-day, here is a second. If she misses this one, her cubs will go hungry another night. The lioness is careful not to spook the gazelles. If they run, she’ll never catch up. As she creeps closer, she stays hidden in the brush at the edge of the prairie. The gazelles are too far away for a full surprise attack. She’ll … Continued