Is There Any Way to Lower High Churn Rates, or Should You Just Go Get More New Members?

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There's a Way to Lower High Churn Rates

I’m attacked! I’m criticized and targeted because I work with my clients to make it easy for their new members to implement what they buy. Others suggest that it doesn’t matter. That it’s a waste of time. And, that there will be people who never do anything. “Instead,” they say, “you should focus your attention on the handful of self-motivated superstars.” It is true that even after you implement everything I teach, there will still be some stubborn people who do nothing, get no results, and quit. It’s the sad truth, and there’s nothing you nor I can do about it. But between those quitters and the few superstars is the underserved majority. The numbers prove repeatedly that the fastest way to double or triple your membership program is to do a few simple things. Do these, and you’ll inspire new members to become lifetime members of your vibrant tribe. … Continued

Maximize Member Excitement to Stop Your Members From Quitting


“I can’t even get them to return my call.” If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a million times. It’s the telltale sign of a membership marketer who has a member with an expired credit card. They’ve been a member for months, but now they’re getting canceled because their monthly charge didn’t go through. The team emails, calls, and even sends a letter … no response. In the beginning, these were little more than symptoms of a problem; but now, you can see there is a disease. It started in the hours and days after this member joined. You just don’t excite them anymore. Remember when you were dating? When you were excited about someone, if they called, you’d answer the phone and try to act all casual. But inside, you were jumping for joy. Then some-one else would call, and depending on who they were, you might dread … Continued

The Cult of Tidying Up and What It Reveals for Stopping Your Members from Quitting and Turning Them Into a Vibrant Tribe

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Look at the clothes in your closet. Are your clothes happy? Or are they squished and poorly kept? How about the clothes in your dresser? Does everything have its own space, or are your clothes squeezing out of the drawers? Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up has sold more than 8 million copies and has been on the New York Times best-seller list for 101 weeks and counting. Her name has even made it onto Time magazine’s list of the 100 Most Influential People. Her second book, Spark Joy, released earlier this year, has been on the best-seller’s list for 26 weeks. If you haven’t had someone tell you about Marie Kondo in the last few months, then you only need to briefly Google her name to see the vibrant tribe of followers her books have generated. Marie Kondo’s premise is that feelings of pain and of … Continued

Do You Give Members What They Expected or Do They Quit?

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Is this what your member says when he receives your email? “Yeah, I was hoping for an email. It’s been too long since I received one of those. I’m excited to finally get one.” Nope. Your member never says this to himself. Instead your member sits down to his email with the mindset of, “How can I get this cleaned out as fast as possible so I can move on with my day and get home to my family before dinner?” Your members are busy. Why should they pay attention to you? I got a call from a prospective client with a $5.7 million membership program that should have been a lot larger but wasn’t, due to his crazy high churn rate. His members were quitting within a few short months. He was investing many thousands of dollars into attracting members, desperately trying to replace the quitters, when all but … Continued