Your Prospective Member Doesn’t Want Your Shit: THIS Is What He Does Want


In the last five weeks, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to review more than 27 membership and subscription offers for my clients. These have been for financial publishers, business opportunities, subscription boxes, monthly newsletters, magazines, SAAS, and even one political organization. The consistent problem I’ve had to explain 27 times now is that there’s no transformation. No one is wandering around the internet hoping to find 8 hours of online video courses to buy and watch. You’d have to pull up the YouTube app up on more than a thousand tablets and watch all of them simultaneously, 24 hours a day for 500 years to watch the videos that are already on YouTube. Plus you’d have to add about 60 tablets with videos running to keep up with the videos that get added each day. And this is just on YouTube. It would take me four months to read … Continued

Stopping Your Members from Quitting and Growing Monthly Recurring Revenue as Quickly and Efficiently as Possible

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The whole time my wife and I were training for the Boston Marathon this April, we committed to diversifying our workouts. Our goal was to enjoy running Boston, then begin training for a triathlon. At the time, this sounded really prudent. Rather than running 40–50 miles a week in marathon training, we’d swim a few days a week and also ride our bikes. As in most new ventures where you don’t have much experience, this was naive. We started our triathlon experiment by registering for a race. Nothing like setting a deadline. The only problem? I didn’t know how to swim. I’ve been in the water all my life, but not freestyle swimming where you breath between strokes. I’d always hacked my way through. And I never swam for 400 meters at one time. With the triathlon quickly approaching, I jumped in the pool and started swimming, badly. I couldn’t … Continued

Your Members Are Already Overwhelmed by Free Media — This Is How You Get Them to Maintain Their Subscription to Your Materials

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You are falling behind. Every minute, 500 hours of video is added to YouTube. It would take you more than three weeks just to watch that minute’s worth of YouTube uploads . How are you going to keep up with all the cat memes, new music videos, and funny clips from late-night talk shows,plus, find time to learn something useful? More importantly, how are you going to get customers to pay for and watch the videos you offer? Or how are you going to get them to buy and read your books and newsletters? Or how are you going to stop them from quitting your subscription when they’ve already got more than they can possibly consume, with more getting added for free all the time? A marketing piece for a well-meaning membership program recently. Trying to promote the benefits of his program, he included a photo of water shooting from … Continued

Put Your Fastest Win First and You’ll Get a Member That Stays for Months or Years Instead of Days or Weeks

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Memberships and subscriptions are some of the hardest products to sell. Your marketing gets me excited about a problem, promises that you’ve got a solution, and just when I’m ready to buy what you have to solve my problem, you explain you are going to give me the solution in installments over the course of several months. I want a solution NOW! I understand that you want a member and a subscriber, so that’s why you sell a membership. But your member doesn’t want a membership. He wants a solution to his problem. And if you dilly dally around, providing information rather than delivering solutions, your member will tune you out and disengage — lost forever. Once your customer believes in your system and his own ability to do it, and has clarity about what to do, he’s ready to start. This is one of your biggest decisions — where … Continued

A Confused Mind Causes a Canceled Member; Clarity Stops Your Member from Quitting

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“You should author a book on member and subscriber retention.” This is what I’ve heard from my book agent, as well as several clients. I’ve authored five books already on other marketing topics, so writing one more book wouldn’t be difficult. But writing the book is a small part of a book project. For my first book, I invested more than a $100,000.00 for marketing and publicity to make it a best-seller. And not one of those fake best-sellers, either. I sold copies to real customers, stayed in the top page of the best-seller lists for two years, and made sure there were enough sales for local and airport bookstores to keep the book on shelves for more than four years. However, at this moment, with my goals and priorities, writing a book would be a huge distraction. The ego boost would be really rewarding. I’d love to do … Continued

Your Selling Begins After Your New Member Joins Your Membership Program

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“You wake up and see your gardener tending to your gardens. You play golf if you want, tennis if you prefer, or, if you feel like taking it easy today, meet some friends for coffee. You don’t have to rush to work. Your team is taking care of every detail, including mailing your distribution checks regularly, as you’ve long since delegated responsibility to a team you can trust — that actually runs your business better than you did.” Jay Abraham calls this method of goal imagery “forward pacing,” a neuro-linguistic programming term. “No more long hours, late nights, and working weekends. Instead, by applying what you learn within this program, delegate all of the details of your business to a cracker-jack team that deposits distributions into your checking account while you relax with your spouse in the paradise of your choice.” I learned from Dave Dee that every proposition must … Continued

Halting Your Own Success

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“If I wear that shirt, some kids may make fun of me.” But then he answered himself by saying, “They may or may not. There’s nothing we can do about what they choose to do; we can only control ourselves.” My son, Robert William, is a junior in high school and he’s participating in student government. Everyone in student government has to dress up once a week; for boys, that means wearing a shirt and tie to school. In a sea of sweat pants, shorts and T-shirts, someone in a shirt and tie really stands out. During our monthly shopping trip for new clothes that fit a growing young man, a pink shirt caught my son’s eye. His first thought was, “Oh, the girls will really like that.” I confirmed Robert’s thinking, but then he became concerned about what other boys might say about it. We bought the shirt. It’s … Continued

How to Compete Against “Free” to Grow Your Paid Membership

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Although I read two to three books a month, the backlog of books I have yet to get through is huge! Heck, I buy a couple of books each month, clients and friends send me more … Every month that goes by, I get further behind in the list of books I need and desperately want to read. Beyond all those books, I also subscribe to several news feeds. These include articles from my local paper, TechCrunch, Wired, Seth Godin, Florida State University sports, and a dozen others. Then there’s the podcasts: “Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me,” “Planet Money,” “Serial,” “Entreleadership,” “The Way I Heard It,” “Built to Sell,” “Tim Ferriss,” and others. I’m weeks behind on what I eagerly want to listen to. For entertainment, my Netflix binge list includes “Orange is the New Black,” “The Blacklist,” and “Narcos,” just to get started. On top of all this, … Continued

From Cradle to Nightclub in the Blink of an Eye and When It’s the Right Time to Stop Your Members From Quitting

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Twenty-one years is gone in the blink of an eye. My wife and I took our daughter, Samantha, to Nashville for a long weekend to celebrate her 21st birthday. It feels like she was born just a year or two ago. Now she’s an adult. When my wife, Kory, got pregnant, we owed more money than we earned in a year. At the time, credit card company representatives were passing out applications like they were candy at Halloween. And to get approved, you just had to be a full-time student. Although I paid them off each month for years, I eventually fell behind. Then, the outstanding balances grew and grew. We planned on Kory going back to work after Samantha was born, but we did the math anyway. After day care expenses, Kory earned less than $2.23 an hour. This meant our income had decreased by 50 percent at the … Continued