Illustrated: How to Make Your Member the Hero of His Own Story

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Make Your Member the Hero of His Own Story

Have you ever been disappointed when the secret behind a magic trick was revealed to you? At first you were amazed when the trick was performed. It’s amazing to see a skilled magician executing a trick so perfectly you can’t imagine how he did it, except by some form of magic. For instance, I always thought the David Blaine levitation trick was just amazing. He just lifted up off the ground. But, from a different angle you could see he’s just lifting his body with the front of one foot while keeping his heels together. From the back you can’t see that foot and the trick looks amazing. And, as long as you don’t know the trick, it does look amazing. And, when used with skill, it makes the performer look, well, magical. There’re a lot of these tricks in marketing. There are tricks that get stated so many times … Continued

Your Membership Renewal Results Depend on a Lot More Than Your Renewal Notice

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Your Membership Renewal Results

When you are ready for a good cry, do a YouTube search for “marriage proposal.” There are thousands of amazing videos with gentlemen (and ladies) making marriage proposals. If it doesn’t make you emotional, nothing will. It’s impressive how many different ways there are to propose. Skywriting is so passe. There’s the surprise proposal at a sporting event, the boyfriend as a hospital patient turned proposal, fancy custom written songs, jumping out of airplanes, and I even saw a proposal in a duck blind. While the proposals can be impressive, the answer delivered in response to the proposal is always based more on the relationship leading up to the proposal than it is on the proposal itself. Sure, it’s good to make it nice. But in reality, if the relationship isn’t there, the answer will be “no.” And, trying to deliver an elaborate proposal when there’s not a good relationship … Continued

It’s 2018. Are You Choosing High Membership Churn or Fast Membership Growth?


Are You Choosing High Membership Churn or Fast Membership Growth

Thousands of people died from infections in 1846, while doctors refused to admit they could be spreading disease from one patient to another. Yet when Hungarian doctor, Ignaz Semmelweis, promoted the idea that doctors wash their hands and medical instruments with soap and chlorine between patients he was ridiculed, even after he was proven to be correct. The way we do things gets ingrained, we develop patterns for completing projects quickly. And with the never-ending anxiety from approaching deadlines, it’s a lot easier to get something done, than rethink why and how you are doing it. Over the last 12 months I’ve encountered hundreds of instances of membership programs doing things because that’s the way they’ve always done them. And they’ve showed me, with pride, the onboarding campaigns they’ve created for their newest members that ignore all of what we’ve discovered that generates engagement, retention and increases revenue through upsells. … Continued

5 Secrets for Breaking Through Your Growth Barriers to Maximize Membership and Subscription Growth

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Maximize Membership and Subscription Growth

While the functional value of your subscription membership is an important element, the key drivers for breaking through plateaus and maximizing subscription and membership growth are all about emotion. How does your subscription solve problems for your members? How do your customers feel about the problems they face? What mistakes do your prospective members make that they don’t know they are making? While its competitors advertise their motorcycles’ features, horse power, and price, Harley-Davidson promotes the feeling of freedom you’ll experience when you ride a Harley. That feeling drives more sales than all the features and price data. Do your promotions focus on what you deliver to your members or on how they’ll feel after becoming your member?[/cs_text][x_custom_headline level="h2" looks_like="h5" accent="false"]2. Your race to maximize lifetime member value begins right after the sale.[/x_custom_headline][cs_text]Too many subscription marketers are focused on what I call “a series of one-night stands.” Once they get … Continued

Before and After: Copywriting for Member Retention Example

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Copywriting for Member Retention Example

Your members and prospective members receive thousands of messages a week. Your member reads emails with one finger on the delete key, trying to scroll through the deluge as quickly as possible. How do you stand out, get read, and inspire your member to action? Not by talking about yourself. To everyone in my office, I must sound like a ringtone, constantly going off with the same noise. “Write copy about your customer and what he or she wants; stop writing about you and what you deliver. Write only about how what you deliver helps your member solve a problem in his or her life.” Longtime monthly client Brandon Lewis of Painter’s Academy sent me a copy of an email he wrote to his members. Brandon is a brilliant marketer who helps painters revolutionize their business by generating referrals, maximizing the value of each painting job, and getting repeat business … Continued

Creating a Member Persona That Makes It Easier to Attract and Retain Members

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a Member Persona That Makes It Easier to Attract and Retain Members

I ran into a roadblock with a client this month. How I broke through may help you attract and retain more members. His assignment: Research his target customer for our next conversation. And he did it; he brought three pages of information on the size of the market, age, gender, and reachability. But something was still missing. The information was all analytical, superficial even. It was all based on the image the prospect was trying to portray to the world, instead of what the prospect was really thinking. In one exchange, he told me that all of his members, whose ages range from 40 to 70 years old, wanted the same thing. I told him that, yes, they may say the same words, but the reality is quite different to a 40-year-old than the 70-year-old. Think for a second. Even something as simple as getting out of bed is very … Continued

A Week in Mumbai and Another in Ft. Lauderdale for Membership and Subscription Growth

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Membership and Subscription Growth

The streets of Mumbai, India, are a lot different than the hills of Tallahassee, Florida. The crowds are like walking through Disney World minutes after the fireworks end, but for 24 hours a day. Yes, even when I went outside for a run at 6 a.m., the streets were busy with pedestrians, cars, and bicycles. India has a powerful economic engine, driven by more than 1.4 billion consumers clambering to get their share of India’s growth in prosperity. While 80 percent of the country earns less than $10.00 a month, there are millions of prosperous Indian families as well — many more than the U.S. in fact. This month, I had the opportunity to travel outside the U.S. to work with Agora’s affiliate in India, Equitymaster. At the center of this economic engine is the Indian stock exchange — a place where thousands of India’s largest companies go to generate … Continued

The Benefits That Drive Member Retention and Fast-Recurring Revenue Growth


The Benefits That Drive Member Retention

I just heard the most ridiculous statement from a subscription economy* owner who should know better: “The value of what I deliver to my members drives retention.” The value of what you deliver is less than 20 percent of the reason your member renews or not. There’s a value- and quality-driven brand within the motorcycle industry, Honda. The quality of their product is exceptional. The value for the investment is excellent. Yet, they represent a fraction of the sales that Harley-Davidson generates in the categories where Harley-Davidson chooses to compete. In those categories, Harley-Davidson has more than 50 percent of the market share for their products. Yes, customers buy Harleys more than any other motorcycle, even though Harley-Davidson is the premium priced product. Can you name another industry where the premium provider owns more than half of the market share? In retail, this would be comparable with a company such … Continued

Delivering Digital Product That Engages and Retains

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Web pages designed with customer success in mind

When a customer spends $500.00, $1,000.00, or even $5,000.00 and the only “product” they receive is an email with access to a web page, they will likely become disappointed — unless that web page is designed with customer success in mind. A monthly client since May of 2014, Michael Rozbruch has launched several successful products. Up until now, though, they each involved a large shipped deliverable. He just successfully launched a new product for tax preparers called an Audit Protection Plan. It uses the same principal as fast food restaurants, asking, “Would you like fries with that?” It’s a quick and easy way for tax preparers to increase their after-transaction size by selling audit protection to each of their tax preparation clients. The product includes a number of tools the tax preparer must download and use. Rather than deliver these via email, I worked with Michael and a graphic designer … Continued

The Monthly Benefits That Retain Members for Years Increasing Your Retention and Recurring Revenue

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It’s not easy bringing you all this great member retention insight

It’s not easy bringing you all this great member retention insight. Just last month, I spent a week in Northern California meeting with two clients. I was at the beach a full week for the Florida tourism marketing industry. And, at the end of October, I traveled to Mumbai to work with an Agora Global affiliate on subscriber engagement and retention. Northern California was beautiful. After spending three days in Sacramento working with the team at the California Chamber of Commerce, I moved on to Napa to work with Gene Kelly and his team at the Gun Club of America. The photo for this blog post is the team of the Gun Club of America. Gene Kelly started GCA in 2007 to create a community for people who love guns, know how they work, and enjoy collecting them. We worked together as a team to create a brand-new value proposition, … Continued