Failing Before You Begin

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“If I wear that shirt, some kids may make fun of me.” But then he answered himself by saying, “They may or may not. There’s nothing we can do about what they choose to do; we can only control ourselves.” My son, Robert William, is a junior in high school and he’s participating in student government. Everyone in student government has to dress up once a week; for boys, that means wearing a shirt and tie to school. In a sea of sweat pants, shorts and T-shirts, someone in a shirt and tie really stands out. During our monthly shopping trip for new clothes that fit a growing young man, a pink shirt caught my son’s eye. His first thought was, “Oh, the girls will really like that.” I confirmed Robert’s thinking, but then he became concerned about what other boys might say about it. We bought the shirt. It’s … Continued

Was I ripping him off?


He told me I was a thief—after a coaching call no less. Tom said that based on his first coaching call, he had figured out how I was trying to rip him off. To him, I was a fraud. I took it personally. It bothered me for weeks, and it cost me a lot of money before I figured out what was happening. Most of my coaching calls are with advanced info-marketers, working with them to establish business systems or reviewing financial statements for opportunities to increase the amount of profit they get to keep from the revenue they generate. But I also have a fair number of calls with beginning info-marketers. I feel like it’s my duty to give back. Even though there are books and products on info-marketing that didn’t exist when I was trying to figure out this business, I see it as a duty to accept … Continued

My Case Study System Revealed for You


Imagine teaching someone how to use a hammer—in writing. You could explain where to hold the hammer, how to hold the nail and how to swing the hammer to strike the nail. But to someone who’s never seen or used a hammer before, will any of it make sense? Is he going to hold a nail in one hand and swing the hammer with the other if he has never seen how it works? It’s a lot easier to demonstrate how hammering a nail works than trying to explain it. When someone sees it in action, he instantly understands, even if he doesn’t yet have the skill to do it himself. At least he can see how it works and know it is possible to get it to work. Either way, he is a lot closer to having the confidence to swing a hammer toward a nail pinched between two … Continued

Are there too many info-marketers?


After sending out a promotion for GKIC’s Info-Summit, I was asked, as I often am, “What about market saturation; are there already too many information marketers?” Of all the markets, there are more info-marketers in the dentist niche than in any other. Just off the top of my head, there’s Dr. Tom Orent, Dr. Robert Willis, Woody Oakes, Greg Stanley, Jerry Jones, Mike Massotto, Dr. Chris Griffin, Dr. James McAnally and Dr. Charlie Martin, each running thriving info-marketing businesses. Then there’s Jay Geier, who serves both chiropractic and dentistry, and he’s a major force within both niches. With all these info-marketers serving dentists, isn’t the market saturated? I can safely say no. I’ve had the opportunity to work with three additional info-marketers who are either launching new info-businesses or are expanding within the dentistry niche. John Cotton has provided excellent coaching services to dentists throughout Alabama and the surrounding states. … Continued

Timid Marketing = Failure

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Was there ever a time when you could sell $10.00 e-books online and get rich? Maybe sell 500 or 1,000 of the books a month, generating $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 in income? Sure, I know people promised to teach you how to get rich selling $10.00 e-books, but I wonder: Did anyone actually ever get wealthy doing it? The trouble with this plan, of course, is getting traffic to your site. When you set up a site that’s intended to convert a visitor into a customer, you must work hard to attract visitors. Think of your website as a retail store. Rather than setting up a store in a strip mall, you are able to create a store online. It’s far better than the retail store because it’s open 24-hours a day and no one ever calls in sick. Yet, just like the retail store, you’ve got to be creative to … Continued

Critical and often overlooked


I have a coaching client who is working as hard as anyone I know. Yet, he isn’t getting the results his hard work deserves. And, when I suggest changes he’s SO busy keeping up with his current commitments it’s a challenge to implement anything new. In many third world countries children have to walk an hour in the pre-dawn darkness to the village square to fill her family’s pot with water. Then, she has to walk an hour back home lugging that pot of water. All that, so their family could start the day with a pot of water. These people are trapped because they must devote so much time to staying alive that breaking free from poverty is inconceivable to them. You and I get to start the day with water, just by turning on the tap. We have a two-hour advantage. A tool that allows you to accomplish … Continued

What is your number?

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During my last three consultations with clients, the same issue came up, so I thought I’d share it with you here. Many of our goals are nebulous and difficult to think about because they appear far away and out of reach. To someone who has never earned more than $100,000.00 a year, “Build a million-dollar business” will seem like a monumental task. And so it’s difficult to envision a goal like that. I have difficult-to-envision goals, too. In my case, I have “helping people” goals. For my clients within each category, I establish certain number goals. I list the number of clients I have and compare it to the number of people I’m able to help. But that’s not what keeps me motivated. That’s not how I really “keep score.” Instead, everything I do is 100 percent focused on my “enough is enough” number. It’s the dollar amount that completely … Continued

Why self-reliance is a myth


For most of my business life I’ve been the type of person who always wanted to learn how do everything myself. Even things like network server maintenance. It was so difficult explaining what I wanted or finding someone who could fix it, I just learned it and repaired it myself. I figured it was easier to do it myself than try to find someone else and to communicate what I wanted. It’s made me really good at a lot of tasks. But although I have so many skills, it’s left me lacking in one important way. I started figuring out that my approach was all wrong about 8 years ago.   I had a telephone call with Rory Fatt of Restaurant Marketing Systems. He told me, “I never try to learn how to do something myself. Instead, I find the best person and pay them to implement for me. It’s a … Continued

Attracting Your Tribe with Mission Based Marketing


Chris Griffin, DDS is the smartest guy there is for dental office systems. Not only does Chris offer systems for marketing and running an office efficiently, but he also delivers great systems on the clinical side of the practice. In fact, one dentist used Chris’ systems to earn more money working 3 days a week in his dental practice than he was previously able to make working 5 days a week. What did that client do with all his extra time off? He became a professional bass fisherman

Secret to getting unstuck

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My office is across the street from one of the best and biggest elementary schools in Tallahassee. It’s particularly convenient for the young moms working here to have their children in school across the street. For the rest of us, it’s a total pain. Each day for about 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon, there are hundreds of cars on our typically quiet two-lane road. Usually it’s not a problem for me. Most days I’m working at my desk at 3 p.m. when all the kiddies and their parents are braving traffic to get home from school. But then it happened. I ended up in traffic. Trying to leave my office early, I got on the road and got stuck in the school traffic jam. Cars were backed up, bumper to bumper, waiting for the children to get dismissed, come to the curb and load … Continued