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I have a coaching client who is working as hard as anyone I know.  Yet, he isn’t getting the results his hard work deserves.  And, when I suggest changes he’s SO busy keeping up with his current commitments it’s a challenge to implement anything new. In many third world countries children have to walk an hour in the pre-dawn darkness to the village square to fill her family’s pot with water.  Then, she has to walk an hour back home lugging that pot of water.  All that, so their family could start the day with a pot of water.  These people are trapped because they must devote so much time to staying alive that breaking free from poverty is inconceivable to them. You and I get to start the day with water, just by turning on the tap.  We have a two-hour advantage. A tool that allows you to accomplish … Continued

My 3 Most Successful Go-To Strategies for Getting Your Members to Engage and Stop Quitting

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I was disgusted with what I saw in the photograph, even though I knew I was supposed to love it. After all, it was a photo of me with my family. Instead, I cringed each time I walked past it. Although the photo included my beautiful wife, along with the beaming faces of my children I’ve loved since before they were born, all I saw was the huge roll of fat hanging over my belt. And the photo was enlarged and huge, so the fat was right in my face as I walked by. This was 2004; I weighed more than 235 pounds then. Although I’d been able to rationalize what I saw in the mirror, I couldn’t avoid that photograph. One of the lobbyists I had on retainer at the time for the political work I was doing told me how he used to be really heavy. He still … Continued

[Video] Minimum Churn Membership LiveCast

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What if you had a thief break into your home while you were sleeping, creep into your bedroom, take your jewelry and cash, and then leave without getting caught? How upset would you be? Would it disrupt your normal life? How long would you tolerate someone robbing your home every month? Would you set up an alarm system or cameras? Reinforce the doors? Heck, eventually you’d probably even consider hiring someone to stand guard to protect your family and belongings. If you have monthly member churn, there’s a thief in your business, and it’s a thief you’ve grown accustomed to and perhaps even tolerate. Churn is the rate at which you are losing members each month. Churn is stealing your hard-won members. Every member that quits takes away something you worked hard to get, something you celebrated when you got it, something you invested good money to earn, and something … Continued

Stopping the Mass Member Exodus and Replacing It With a Vibrant Tribe of Engaged Members Built With Paper and Ink

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A few weeks ago, my wife and I took our 17-year-old son, Robert William, to visit several colleges. Over the course of four days, Robert took tours of Georgetown, University of Virginia, North Carolina State University, and University of North Carolina. His favorite out of the four is UNC. (This drives his mother crazy, as she’s a graduate of UNC’s rival, NC State.) That said, when I asked, Robert admitted his evaluation of the universities had as much to do with the attractiveness of the female tour guide as the quality of the education. Take a look at the photo I provided below. It’s a real-life printed student newspaper from 2016! And, it’s a printed paper for millennial readers! What’s more surprising is that the paper is written and laid out by other millennials. Why don’t they just post the stories to Snapchat in 10-second video clips?   With my … Continued

Finally Revealed: The Trifecta of Lifelong Member Retention and the Process for Implanting It Into Your Members’ Brains

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How can I keep my members longer?

Your motivation for creating a better onboarding product is to boost lifetime member revenue with upsells, longer retention, and referrals. And I’ll show you how to do all of that within the next 1,800 words or less. While your motivation is for your benefit, as you create your onboarding, it’s critical that your primary focus be on delivering a transformation in your member’s life. Preferably you are delivering the transformation you promised within your sales process. On March 10–11, I traveled to Chicago to meet with GKIC to help revitalize their Gold Membership program. It was a great opportunity for me because I believe so much in the transformational power of the materials they produce for their members. In July, GKIC launched a brand-new membership offer to past members, based on a new product. You’ll want to get this product in your hands so you can study it, as there … Continued

10X Your Walk Away Money

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What if you could increase the value of your business from $15 million to $120 million within a year? Heck, I know a lot of us would gladly take either value! But if you invested 10 years of your life into building a company, it would be a huge life transformation to get the second value, wouldn’t it? Can you imagine that kind of money? It’s a lot closer than you might think, when you Stop Your Members from Quitting. I have several clients with membership businesses in the $5 million to $7 million range in revenue. With a monthly churn rate (the number of dropped members in a month divided by the number of members at the beginning of the month) of 10-15 percent, those businesses are worth three to five times their annual revenue, about $15 million. A nice pay day. But with a member churn rate of … Continued

56% more revenue, without an increase in marketing

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You’ve been told for years to examine when your members drop-out of your continuity program.  Then, right before the month with the highest member drop-out rate, give them a gift, such as food, to encourage them to retain their membership.  The thinking is that this gift will create goodwill and trigger the Law of Reciprocity so the member sticks with you.  Then, I suppose you’ve “gotten them over the hump” the member will stay with you forever. Turns out the box of cookies doesn’t work.  Neither does more stuff. What I’ve found over and over again is that poor retention at any phase of the membership cycle starts when you welcome your new member. Before I reveal what we did, allow my client, Richard Menneg describe the transformation his company experienced when he implemented a new member welcome system in addition to the other changes we implemented: “Working with Robert … Continued

How the worst can come without warning


I had a job for six years. I started as a bookkeeper and quickly became the company’s controller. Within two years, I had become the director of business affairs. Then I bought the business, just six years after joining the firm as a bookkeeper. I used employment as an opportunity to learn as much as possible. I set up the network server. I loaded Novell version 1.0, a program that, back then, came on about two dozen 5¼-inch floppy disks. I spent an entire Fourth of July holiday learning how to program Microsoft Access databases, building my own CRM systems to track member contact information, dues payments and conference registrations. While my job was a great learning ground, I soon figured out I’d never get paid what I was worth. My salary took money out of my boss’s pocket by lowering the amount he could take out as dividends from … Continued

Are We Witnessing the Death of Free Trial Memberships?

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What if you could make twice as much money for every new member you recruited? And, what if you made more money overall from your membership program? That’s what early indications are showing us when you abandon free trial memberships. The idea behind free trial memberships was you’d end up with more long-term members because some people would join for free who would never have joined for a paid membership. Then, because they’d joined and fallen in love with the membership, they’d want to stay for life. I’ve had my doubts since I first heard the free trial offer taught. After all, I discovered long ago that sampling wasn’t an effective membership marketing approach. We used to send copies of newsletters to prospects, to give them an idea of what they’d receive as a member; it never converted as well as other offers. What worked was highlighting a problem they … Continued

Becoming Known for Speaking What They Don’t Want to Hear

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Imagine walking into a church just before the service begins, striding up to the front, getting everyone’s attention and proclaiming there is no God. Or—this could get you injured—imagine going to a Veteran’s Day ceremony and telling everyone their service to our country was just another job, like spending four years working at a Chrysler plant. How are you going to be received? At the least, you’ll be thrown out, maybe even roughed up in the process. People want to believe. If you challenge their beliefs, they will at least resist you and at worst start a fight. The cable news industry figured this out 15 years ago. Fox News created an audience by giving conservative viewers the news and commentary in a way they already believe. No one is convinced by Sean Hannity. Sean’s commentary reinforces what his audience already believes. In the same way, Rachel Maddow and Al … Continued