My 3 Most Successful Go-To Strategies for Getting Your Members to Engage and Stop Quitting

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I was disgusted with what I saw in the photograph, even though I knew I was supposed to love it. After all, it was a photo of me with my family. Instead, I cringed each time I walked past it. Although the photo included my beautiful wife, along with the beaming faces of my children I’ve loved since before they were born, all I saw was the huge roll of fat hanging over my belt. And the photo was enlarged and huge, so the fat was right in my face as I walked by. This was 2004; I weighed more than 235 pounds then. Although I’d been able to rationalize what I saw in the mirror, I couldn’t avoid that photograph. One of the lobbyists I had on retainer at the time for the political work I was doing told me how he used to be really heavy. He still … Continued

Embarrassed by success

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I’d finally accomplished everything I had been working toward for years, but now that I had it, I hated it. I was a consultant, and I had successfully tripled my prices. I exceeded my competitors’ rates by double. But I had a problem. I realized there was no way I could grow my income further without working even more hours or hiring additional employees. Neither option was attractive to me. The solution was to create an info-marketing business. It was the only way I could replace my trading-hours-for-dollars working life for one where I could work once and get paid several times. Otherwise I’d never again expand my income, and I’d always be just a few months lost income away from bankruptcy. But I was comfortable. To get where I was, I’d had to work 70+ hours a week for years. Now I finally had some flexibility. I had built … Continued

Do you have a number?

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During my last three consultations with clients, the same issue came up, so I thought I’d share it with you here. Many of our goals are nebulous and difficult to think about because they appear far away and out of reach. To someone who has never earned more than $100,000.00 a year, “Build a million-dollar business” will seem like a monumental task. And so it’s difficult to envision a goal like that. I have difficult-to-envision goals, too. In my case, I have “helping people” goals. For my clients within each category, I establish certain number goals. I list the number of clients I have and compare it to the number of people I’m able to help. But that’s not what keeps me motivated. That’s not how I really “keep score.” Instead, everything I do is 100 percent focused on my “enough is enough” number. It’s the dollar amount that completely … Continued

Approach your business like a professional

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I played my best golf during college. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, my last class of the day was Governmental Accounting. I’d look over at my friend and with one nod to each other, we knew—there was no way we could sit through a lecture when the weather was so nice outside. So, we’d get up and leave for the golf course before class started. Even when I was playing my best golf, I was a hack. I was self-taught, “gripping and ripping.” Don’t get me wrong, I practiced. I’d go out on the driving range and hit balls. Or we’d practice on the putting green by betting each other a dollar per hole for whoever sank a putt with fewer strokes. But when it was time to drive the ball, I’d stand on the tee box, take a swing and see how far it went. I had no idea how … Continued

[Video] Minimum Churn Membership LiveCast

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What if you had a thief break into your home while you were sleeping, creep into your bedroom, take your jewelry and cash, and then leave without getting caught? How upset would you be? Would it disrupt your normal life? How long would you tolerate someone robbing your home every month? Would you set up an alarm system or cameras? Reinforce the doors? Heck, eventually you’d probably even consider hiring someone to stand guard to protect your family and belongings. If you have monthly member churn, there’s a thief in your business, and it’s a thief you’ve grown accustomed to and perhaps even tolerate. Churn is the rate at which you are losing members each month. Churn is stealing your hard-won members. Every member that quits takes away something you worked hard to get, something you celebrated when you got it, something you invested good money to earn, and something … Continued

Why there’s no “self-sufficiency”

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For most of my business life I’ve been the type of person who always wanted to learn how do everything myself. Even things like network server maintenance.  It was so difficult explaining what I wanted or finding someone who could fix it, I just learned it and repaired it myself.  I figured it was easier to do it myself than try to find someone else and to communicate what I wanted. It’s made me really good at a lot of tasks. But although I have so many skills, it’s left me lacking in one important way. I started figuring out that my approach was all wrong about 8 years ago.   I had a telephone call with Rory Fatt of Restaurant Marketing Systems.  He told me, “I never try to learn how to do something myself. Instead, I find the best person and pay them to implement for me.  It’s a … Continued

The secret hidden in plain sight

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There’s an ultimate test of physical endurance and mental fortitude: a six-day, 153.2 mile ultra marathon across the Sahara desert called the Marathon des Sables (Marathon of the Sands). Competitors carry their own supplies as they compete in temperatures exceeding 120 degrees. The longest one-day distance covers 50.6 miles and includes 14.3 miles of sand dunes. Four-time champion Mohamad Ahansal grew up in the Sahara. And in a place where most just try to survive, the skills Mohamad learned helped him become a winner in one of the most grueling footraces in the world. Since 1997, either Mohamad or his older brother, Lahcen, had won the race, until last year, when Rachid el Morabity, their trainee, beat Mohamad by seven minutes. Morabity attributes his winning time to using a unique zigzag method to climb the large sand dunes that make up many miles of the race. “Other runners, they go … Continued

Stopping the Mass Member Exodus and Replacing It With a Vibrant Tribe of Engaged Members Built With Paper and Ink

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A few weeks ago, my wife and I took our 17-year-old son, Robert William, to visit several colleges. Over the course of four days, Robert took tours of Georgetown, University of Virginia, North Carolina State University, and University of North Carolina. His favorite out of the four is UNC. (This drives his mother crazy, as she’s a graduate of UNC’s rival, NC State.) That said, when I asked, Robert admitted his evaluation of the universities had as much to do with the attractiveness of the female tour guide as the quality of the education. Take a look at the photo I provided below. It’s a real-life printed student newspaper from 2016! And, it’s a printed paper for millennial readers! What’s more surprising is that the paper is written and laid out by other millennials. Why don’t they just post the stories to Snapchat in 10-second video clips?   With my … Continued

Choosing what to focus on


An IMA member from the UK faced a problem many info-marketers share, too many choices, not enough focus. Here is his question: Robert, I’ve run design businesses for the last 26 years—had great times in the good ol’ days with sales of over half a million dollars. Right now, because of the economy and through deviating into marketing consultancy, it is myself and wife with a couple of regular freelancers, and we now work from a home office. The design business is down (and I don’t want general design biz anymore—no money in it!), and I really need to get my act together. I’ve identified three key areas that I could focus on providing info on a marketing system: To other design companies—they are historically bad at marketing themselves and feeling a lot of ‘pain’ at the moment due to the perceived value of design diminishing in general. However, I’m … Continued

Finally Revealed: The Trifecta of Lifelong Member Retention and the Process for Implanting It Into Your Members’ Brains

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How can I keep my members longer?

Your motivation for creating a better onboarding product is to boost lifetime member revenue with upsells, longer retention, and referrals. And I’ll show you how to do all of that within the next 1,800 words or less. While your motivation is for your benefit, as you create your onboarding, it’s critical that your primary focus be on delivering a transformation in your member’s life. Preferably you are delivering the transformation you promised within your sales process. On March 10–11, I traveled to Chicago to meet with GKIC to help revitalize their Gold Membership program. It was a great opportunity for me because I believe so much in the transformational power of the materials they produce for their members. In July, GKIC launched a brand-new membership offer to past members, based on a new product. You’ll want to get this product in your hands so you can study it, as there … Continued