Crushing it in Nashville: Generating $75,866 in One 75-Minute Presentation

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“What a weekend and experience. Sold 38 packages ($1,997!) to a room of 125 CPAs/EAs. I never experienced a rush to the back of the room like this. What a feeling! Better than drugs!! Thanks for all your help and talk soon!!” Michael and I have invested a lot of time on his product, offer, and presentation. Plus, Michael spent several weeks studying other successful presentations and top presenters, looking for ways to improve his pitch. After trading emails, Michael later wrote:

Transforming Referral Partners Into Proud Members of Your Exclusive Club


When a dentist sees a patient with disease or the need for a dental implant, they often refer that patient to a periodontist who specializes in those cases. How do you become the periodontist a dentist choses to refer his patients to? Most periodontists believe you do this by dropping off a box of doughnuts, making visits, and networking at dental meetings. Problem is, everyone uses the same tactics that don’t work. When Dr. Jeff Anzalone, a periodontist in Monroe, Louisiana, reached out to me for a consulting day, we took a different direction. Dr. Anzalone created a one-of-a-kind training event for dentists and their staff within Monroe, Louisiana. This event featured a high-profile, in-demand speaker and a fun atmosphere — plus, Dr. Anzalone offered it for free to dentists who were referring a certain number of patients to his practice every month. How did he know who those dentists … Continued

“Don’t Tell Anyone We Suck at This” The First Step for Improving Member Retention

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I think of myself as similar to a bug man. Think about it for a second — what would be the perfect testimonial for a bug man? Perhaps something like, “My house was full of roaches until I called Bug Man. He came in, killed the roaches, and vacuumed up the carcasses, and now when we turn on the light to our pantry, none of those buggers scurry around.” Who on earth is going to sign their name to that testimonial? No one wants to admit to their friends and neighbors that they had such a terrible roach problem in their home. I have a similar challenge as the “bug man” for membership programs. It’s hard for my clients to admit they need help. For membership marketers, their number of paid members and number of dropped members each month, as well as their rate of membership program growth, are very … Continued

Attracting Your Tribe with Mission Based Marketing


Chris Griffin, DDS is the smartest guy there is for dental office systems. Not only does Chris offer systems for marketing and running an office efficiently, but he also delivers great systems on the clinical side of the practice. In fact, one dentist used Chris’ systems to earn more money working 3 days a week in his dental practice than he was previously able to make working 5 days a week. What did that client do with all his extra time off? He became a professional bass fisherman

Using Proof to Grow a Monthly Coaching Program

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Over the last several months, Jim Augustus Armstrong has been building a nice inventory of client success stories. Although he wanted to incorporate them into his sales funnel, the typical “Success Stories” booklet didn’t make sense to him. Jim created a special issue of his newsletter, featuring his client success stories within the first 8 pages. Then he used the final 4 pages to present

Launching Your Tribe Quickly With an Industry Event

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An in-person event can be a powerful way to launch a new tribe. The marketing for your event generates a list of opt-ins.Registration fees can fund marketing expenses. And, at the event itself, you can invite attendees to join your new coaching program to build your tribe. Tribe member Dr. Darold Opp turned to Jerry Jones, an expert copywriter within the dental profession, to create the marketing for his in-person event. I’m currently working with Dr. Opp to

Getting Your New Members Engaged Quickly So They Retain Their Membership

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Too many info-marketers assume the sales process is complete when they get a new customer. They immediately flip to fulfillment and training mode. However, after he sale is when you need to ramp-up the sale. Michael Rozbruch recorded a sales video to get his clients excited after purchasing his program. It resells his new member on the program, reminds them why they invested in the program, and shows them exactly how to

Turning Your Customers’ Unrealistic Expectations into Long-term Tribal Members


“Your program didn’t work for me.” What?!? You have the gall to tell me that my program doesn’t work? Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say you didn’t work? One of the top frustrations I hear from tribal leaders is new members who join and quit without trying. In the beginning they have all the hopes and dreams of accomplishing great things. Then, after they become a member, they don’t do anything. Then, they drop out and complain that they didn’t get any results from the program.

Eliminating Systemized Member Irritation

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If there is a serious weakness within most continuity programs I’m asked to evaluate it’s that the marketer stops selling after a customer buys and joins his continuity program. Look, I understand, it’s a lot of work to ship out the product purchased together with delivering on all of our commitments within the monthly continuity programs. It’s easy to forget about selling in addition to everything else you have to get done. Am I suggesting that you have to do more? No, not more. Just different. Associations recognize that they are always selling. This can make them frustrating to deal with because they are so risk adverse. They don’t want to do anything to anger even a single member.

How To Double Your Continuity Membership Retention in Half the Time

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While a lot of continuity marketers struggle with growing their lower priced, large number of member programs, I also hear frustration with retention within high-priced continuity programs. Coaching members get a big head, think they know everything, and drop out. Often, the coaching member is even resentful even though everything was delivered exactly as promised. The key to long-term retention is recognizing that your members’ needs change as they grow within your program. One of the key leadership strategies is to have a common mission together with values. For years within the association world I knew it was important to create a set of shared values among the members. When members embraced the mission of the organization and the values, they put that way above the money to renew their memberships. In fact, it never occurred to them that they would ever not be a member of an organization that … Continued