Your Members Are Already Overwhelmed by Free Media — This Is How You Get Them to Maintain Their Subscription to Your Materials

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You are falling behind. Every minute, 500 hours of video is added to YouTube. It would take you more than three weeks just to watch that minute’s worth of YouTube uploads . How are you going to keep up with all the cat memes, new music videos, and funny clips from late-night talk shows,plus, find time to learn something useful? More importantly, how are you going to get customers to pay for and watch the videos you offer? Or how are you going to get them to buy and read your books and newsletters? Or how are you going to stop them from quitting your subscription when they’ve already got more than they can possibly consume, with more getting added for free all the time? A marketing piece for a well-meaning membership program recently. Trying to promote the benefits of his program, he included a photo of water shooting from … Continued

A Confused Mind Causes a Canceled Member; Clarity Stops Your Member from Quitting

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“You should author a book on member and subscriber retention.” This is what I’ve heard from my book agent, as well as several clients. I’ve authored five books already on other marketing topics, so writing one more book wouldn’t be difficult. But writing the book is a small part of a book project. For my first book, I invested more than a $100,000.00 for marketing and publicity to make it a best-seller. And not one of those fake best-sellers, either. I sold copies to real customers, stayed in the top page of the best-seller lists for two years, and made sure there were enough sales for local and airport bookstores to keep the book on shelves for more than four years. However, at this moment, with my goals and priorities, writing a book would be a huge distraction. The ego boost would be really rewarding. I’d love to do … Continued

From Cradle to Nightclub in the Blink of an Eye and When It’s the Right Time to Stop Your Members From Quitting

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Twenty-one years is gone in the blink of an eye. My wife and I took our daughter, Samantha, to Nashville for a long weekend to celebrate her 21st birthday. It feels like she was born just a year or two ago. Now she’s an adult. When my wife, Kory, got pregnant, we owed more money than we earned in a year. At the time, credit card company representatives were passing out applications like they were candy at Halloween. And to get approved, you just had to be a full-time student. Although I paid them off each month for years, I eventually fell behind. Then, the outstanding balances grew and grew. We planned on Kory going back to work after Samantha was born, but we did the math anyway. After day care expenses, Kory earned less than $2.23 an hour. This meant our income had decreased by 50 percent at the … Continued

Subscription Insider adds column on membership retention and it’s written by your favorite retention expert, ME!

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Subscription Insider, the foremost publication on the subscription economy, the membership economy and increasing monthly recurring revenue, the Subscription Insider now has a regular column focused on membership retention.  You’ll be excited because you’ll get to read more from me! Yes, steady yourself.  I know it’s exciting and it gets better. Subscription Insider is my go-to resource for the insider news and insight growing subscription revenue. You may enjoy my first article, 11 Reasons Your Monthly Recurring Revenue Doesn’t Grow and How to Fix It. While you’ll enjoy my articles, there’s a lot more to Subscription Insider.  It’s a complete resource for reducing involuntary churn, meaning all those failed charges for expired cards, new renewal dates and replaced cards. Also, get insight from subscription industry news so you can see what’s going on in the greater membership economy. Get all the details by visiting here:  Subscription Insider. I attended a … Continued

Is There Any Way to Lower High Churn Rates, or Should You Just Go Get More New Members?

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There's a Way to Lower High Churn Rates

I’m attacked! I’m criticized and targeted because I work with my clients to make it easy for their new members to implement what they buy. Others suggest that it doesn’t matter. That it’s a waste of time. And, that there will be people who never do anything. “Instead,” they say, “you should focus your attention on the handful of self-motivated superstars.” It is true that even after you implement everything I teach, there will still be some stubborn people who do nothing, get no results, and quit. It’s the sad truth, and there’s nothing you nor I can do about it. But between those quitters and the few superstars is the underserved majority. The numbers prove repeatedly that the fastest way to double or triple your membership program is to do a few simple things. Do these, and you’ll inspire new members to become lifetime members of your vibrant tribe. … Continued

Maximize Member Excitement to Stop Your Members From Quitting


“I can’t even get them to return my call.” If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a million times. It’s the telltale sign of a membership marketer who has a member with an expired credit card. They’ve been a member for months, but now they’re getting canceled because their monthly charge didn’t go through. The team emails, calls, and even sends a letter … no response. In the beginning, these were little more than symptoms of a problem; but now, you can see there is a disease. It started in the hours and days after this member joined. You just don’t excite them anymore. Remember when you were dating? When you were excited about someone, if they called, you’d answer the phone and try to act all casual. But inside, you were jumping for joy. Then some-one else would call, and depending on who they were, you might dread … Continued

The Cult of Tidying Up and What It Reveals for Stopping Your Members from Quitting and Turning Them Into a Vibrant Tribe

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Look at the clothes in your closet. Are your clothes happy? Or are they squished and poorly kept? How about the clothes in your dresser? Does everything have its own space, or are your clothes squeezing out of the drawers? Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up has sold more than 8 million copies and has been on the New York Times best-seller list for 101 weeks and counting. Her name has even made it onto Time magazine’s list of the 100 Most Influential People. Her second book, Spark Joy, released earlier this year, has been on the best-seller’s list for 26 weeks. If you haven’t had someone tell you about Marie Kondo in the last few months, then you only need to briefly Google her name to see the vibrant tribe of followers her books have generated. Marie Kondo’s premise is that feelings of pain and of … Continued

Do You Give Members What They Expected or Do They Quit?

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Is this what your member says when he receives your email? “Yeah, I was hoping for an email. It’s been too long since I received one of those. I’m excited to finally get one.” Nope. Your member never says this to himself. Instead your member sits down to his email with the mindset of, “How can I get this cleaned out as fast as possible so I can move on with my day and get home to my family before dinner?” Your members are busy. Why should they pay attention to you? I got a call from a prospective client with a $5.7 million membership program that should have been a lot larger but wasn’t, due to his crazy high churn rate. His members were quitting within a few short months. He was investing many thousands of dollars into attracting members, desperately trying to replace the quitters, when all but … Continued

Why I’ve Given Up Facebook Until After the Election, and What ‘Pokemon Go’ Reveals About Stopping Your Members From Quitting

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I’ve decided to give up on Facebook. I can’t look at it anymore. Does everything have to be a flaming argument about the election? Even my closest friends have become lunatics about their chosen presidential candidate. I’ve long-since learned political discourse on Facebook is a total waste of time. But when I see an ignorant post, it just burns me up inside. I get angry, and I feel a powerful urge to explain to my friends how they’re wrong and I’m correct. “Pokemon Go” is all the rage. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard the phrase “Gotta catch ’em all” so many times as I have lately. The other day, a friend was telling me how stupid it was to play “Pokemon Go.” She said the game was basically all about walking so you could get some badges. Ironically, as she was explaining how stupid it was to walk for … Continued

Would You Like to Sell $405,000 Worth of Products and Sign Up 270 New $297-Per-Month Members Within 3 Hours?

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How can I keep my members longer?

Michael Rozbruch recently topped his record of earning $117,018 in four hours in June of 2014 with a Livecast generating 270 new sales, members, and customers. And don’t forget the thou-sands of unconverted leads from attendees who haven’t yet made a purchase, as well as from registrants who didn’t show up, but who are still interested. Michael will be reaping the rewards of this event for many years. Michael worked with the team at GKIC to produce his LiveCast. GKIC’s team is experienced in producing LiveCasts and has done a great job for years. The GKIC team that helped Michael included Mike Stodola who created the marketing to generate the audience for the LiveCast, and Dave Dee, who worked with Michael to create the three-hour presentation that generated excitement among members to buy now. While I worked with Michael for several weeks, outlining upsells and price strategy and discussing the … Continued