Using the Power of Exclusivity to Grow Your Revenue

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Understanding exclusivity and how it can be used to motivate customers into buying doesn’t make you exempt from its power. In fact, it’s the real reason I’m running the Boston Marathon. I want to be in that exclusive group! There’s no good reason to run a marathon. Yeah, the marathon is 26.2 miles long, but that’s the least of the running. Since December I’ve been “training” to prepare for the marathon itself. Heck, I even ran a marathon last month to prepare for the marathon. Why? How many people can say they ran the Boston Marathon? Sure there are 35,000 runners at the Boston Marathon, but still — that’s a fraction of the small minority of people who have ever completed a marathon in general. Few marathon runners ever make it to Boston. Now I’ll be one of them! And, I’d like to invite you along with me, but first … Continued

Mastering the Membership Super-Power that Allows You to Lead a Happy Life with Scores of Loyal Members


I recently had a conversation with someone asking about membership sites. She wanted to know which membership site platform had the best member retention. That’s like asking what type of paper you should use to print your newsletter on to improve retention. For member retention, what’s printed on the paper is a lot more important than the paper itself. There are many good membership site platforms out there. I’m partial to the one I use because I helped develop it, and I appreciate its features. But the platform matters little, even though that’s what everyone wants to ask me about. A membership site is a tool for communicating with your members. Of all the ways commonly used for communicating with members, it’s actually one of the worst for member retention. The problem is the member has to take the initiative to connect with your benefits. Your member is already dealing … Continued