Your Business Could be Stopped Tomorrow, How You Can Prevent It

What is the one thing that can bring your business to a screeching halt?  I’ve been on the phone with guys who were doing $10 million a year in revenue yesterday, who today are closed, frantic, trying to figure out what to do next.

It’s easy to take it for granted once you have it, but it’s the greatest vulnerability in your business. And, even if you think you understand and have great relationships, those can all change.  I’ve seen it a couple of times.

If you receive your revenue through credit cards then your business is vulnerable.

Most believe they are fine. Their bank is making money, charge backs are low, no one has said anything in a while, what could go wrong? If it’s been a while since you’ve done any investigation then your merchant services could easily be ready freeze-up like a brand new Macbook Pro.

I’m inviting you to a special one day payment process boot camp sponsored by the team at Subscription Insider.  During this session you’ll have the opportunity to sit with some of the biggest subscription businesses in the world and you’ll understand more about processing credit cards than you ever thought possible.

For instance:

  • You know those continuity payments that fail each month, a good number of them could be 100% valid, but the issuing company doesn’t like your merchant provider and refuses the charge anyway. A new provider could significantly lower failed charges each month.
  • How you can automatically get updated expiration dates and “secret codes” when one of your members replaces his card. This way your monthly continuity can continue without a failure, even if your member forgets to update his card information with you.
  • Stop sinking such a huge amount of money you spend each month in merchant fees. Manage that cost and get a lot more for the money.

I would like to invite you and your team to the Payment Boot Camp East on May 8th in New York.

Subscription Insider’s Payment Boot Camp East is a forum for subscription executives to understand the unique challenges of recurring payments, and how to overcome them, in order to grow subscription and membership revenue.

Constant Contact, The NYTimes, and WeightWatchers are among the companies who will present lessons learned on recurring payment processing, managing declined payments, going global, managing fraud and more.  This is the big leagues of monthly subscription billing and you can get a lot from being in this room.

Register by Friday and save $200.00.  Plus, here’s use this coupon code to save an additional 20%:  Skrob20.  (This is not an affiliate code, with this YOU get all the savings.)

I will be attending Payment Boot Camp. I’d love to connect with you. Plus, maybe we pull a group together for dinner after the meeting if you have time.

Over the last three years I’ve had the opportunity to work with several $100 million and larger revenue subscription businesses.  I’ve discovered that with what they know and understand about credit card processing could have increased my subscription business revenue by 50% or more.  It was staggering how much money I was leaving on the table.  I thought I knew a lot. Boy was I wrong.

I KNOW this could be a huge game changer for your business.  Make sure you are there.  Or, send the appropriate person from your business.  It’ll be well worth your time.

Register Subscription Insider’s Payment Boot Camp East by Friday and save $200.00.  Plus, use this coupon code to save an additional 20%:  Skrob20.

Get all the details and register by clicking here.

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