The Member Retention Secret That Doesn’t Require Creating More

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I have taken the family to New York City between Christmas and New Year’s a few times, but we’ve never been there for the big night — the ball drop on New Year’s Eve. This year I decided to brave it. We stayed at the Renaissance Times Square. This made waiting a lot more convenient since we didn’t have to do it like everyone else, standing around in a corral all day. It is amazing that more than a million people flock to the area each year to catch a glimpse of the ball drop. On Broadway and Seventh, the police set up corrals for the revelers. As the corrals closest to Times Square were filled, the police would move up the street to create the next corral. These corrals filled the street from Times Square all the way to Central Park, more than a half mile away. Yes, both … Continued

The Single Most Powerful Member Recruitment and Retention Tool


The Single Most Powerful Member Tool

There are three key decision points in your membership lifecycle. All of which can swing in your favor with the same tool. Before I explain the tool and how you can use it, here are those decision points: When a potential member is considering joining your program. When a new member is trying to find time to engage in your materials to get value. When an existing member is deciding whether or not to retain his or her membership. It’s at each of these points that a well-crafted client case study can make the difference between a long-term member or a member gone forever. Really? A client case study? Yes. These case studies and client stories are the most powerful tools you have on your side to foster strong relationships with potential members, new members, and long-time members. The publishing industry has undergone a huge transformation in recent years with … Continued

What the Presidential Race Reveals About How You Can Build a Vibrant Tribe of Supporters

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Over the last couple of months, I’ve seen a lot of The Skrob Report readers at mastermind meetings and events like GKIC’s Info-SummitSM and Infusionsoft’s PartnerCon. Everywhere I go, friends and readers of The Skrob Report ask me about the upcoming Presidential elections. Readers ask me who I think will win. Then they want to tell me who they think will win. I know who is not going to win, and that’s Donald Trump. The national polls are irrelevant, even though voting is set to start in less than a month. The reason? The national polls contemplate a national popular vote election for the Republican nomination which doesn’t happen. Instead, individual states vote over the course of several months from February to May. During this period, individual states vote on a nominee. When you look at the state-by-state breakdown for Donald Trump, it’s not so “amazing” for the billionaire. Over … Continued

How You Can Double Your Membership in 2016

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When you are pushing hard to sell new members into your continuity membership program, there’s going to be some natural churn. Some members are going to jump in without any intention of retaining their membership. Other members will require more time and attention than they are worth. However, most membership programs are making mistakes that increase churn over their natural churn rate. This unnecessary churn costs a fortune. Over the last year, many membership marketers have taken me up on my offer to have Denise McKinlay on my team produce membership reports for their program. Denise is an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant and has been producing membership reports since I first started using Infusionsoft in 2005. From pulling and reviewing all of these membership reports over the last year, two big lessons have emerged. First, in many cases, Denise has been able to discover anywhere from $1,500.00 to $8,500.00 in uncollected … Continued

Generating New Members When Changing to a Different Market Isn’t a Viable Option

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Here’s an excerpt from The Gary Halbert Letter, where Gary tells a story that’s become famous within the direct marketing world. Enjoy: “As you may or may not know, every once in a while I give a class on copywriting and/or selling by mail. During these classes, one of the questions I like to ask my students is: ‘If you and I both owned a hamburger stand and we were in a contest to see who could sell the most hamburgers, what advantages would you most like to have on your side to help you win?’ “The answers vary. Some of the students say they would like to have the advantage of having superior meat from which to make their burgers. Others say they want sesame seed buns. Others mention location. Someone usually wants to be able to offer the lowest prices. And so on. “Whatever. In any case, after … Continued

High-Performance Business Insights From Harley-Davidson® Dealerships

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For 11 years, I’ve had the honor of consulting with Florida’s Harley-Davidson® dealers. I’ve conducted ambitious cooperative marketing programs together with training for all departments of motorcycle dealerships (sales, parts, service, accessories and general management.) While it may appear from the outside that the Harley-Davidson® brand is as strong as ever, if you’ve been following the stock price of the Harley-Davidson® Motor Company, you know that it’s down 30 percent from last summer. The dealers I work with in the great state of Florida are among the highest performing in the country. But, even within our Florida dealerships, there are some that aren’t performing well. Would you like to know the difference? I’ll tell you. High-performance dealerships hold their people to high standards. While the best dealerships are not perfect, they hold their people accountable for performance standards. There’s an expected level of productivity for managers, parts counter guys, service … Continued

The Most Common Membership Lie

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I just finished a conversation with a membership marketer. His monthly churn rate is 10 percent. This is the percentage of members who are canceling their memberships each month. When I reviewed the numbers with him, I helped him discover that 60 percent of his members are dropping out within four months. Yes, you read that correctly, 60 percent! And, he didn’t even realize it based on the reports he received. What’s important about this is that now he knows. Until he allowed Denise McKinlay on my team to produce membership reports for him, he thought his retention was fine. Just because you don’t know something doesn’t mean it’s fine. When I first spoke with this membership marketer, he told me he didn’t have a retention problem. He wanted a system to attract and recruit more members. I offered to produce reports so we could see how his current membership … Continued