Putting on the Miles to Grow Memberships and Build Stronger Communities

In the last four weeks I’ve only been at my desk in Tallahassee for four days. I’ve been putting on the miles lately. All so I can learn how to better teach you how to retain your members.

This travel bonanza started in Orlando, Florida with Sean Greeley and Net Profit Explosion’s quarterly planning meeting. Sean’s team was working hard to develop their top priorities while they were hiring team members to serve their clients in Australia, North America, and Europe.

During my weekend in Orlando, I enjoyed taking my new road bike on the numerous trails the area has to offer, as well as having dinner with Travis Miller of Rich Dealers and his wife, Jenn. On the Monday and Tuesday following that, I was at the Workers’ Compensation Institute meeting producing a full day of training.

After a brief stop at the office, I attended the Florida Governor’s Conference on Tourism in Tampa, Florida. This event showcased the marketing plans of Florida’s tourism promotion agency, VISIT FLORIDA. This agency is responsible for running marketing campaigns to attract more visitors to Florida. They use promotions, direct sales, social media marketing, and broadcast advertising.

From there I traveled to Martha’s Vineyard to meet with my executive coach, Rob Berkley. My day with him was productive as we developed a plan to launch my new video podcasts and a membership program that’s coming out in January. There will finally be a membership program for for-profit membership marketers focused on sharing ideas and successful strategies for growing membership programs.

From there I spent a week in Key West putting on the Florida Association of Destination Marketing Organization’s annual meeting. I’ve worked with FADMO since January 2001, putting on training for tourism promoters responsible for attracting visitors to their counties.

This was the second year I’ve replaced the “expert” speakers with panel sessions of members. It’s been a huge improvement. Quite frankly, there are few tourism promoters outside of Florida that can match the campaigns our members produce.

These panels have the added benefit of building a stronger sense of community among members. It’s more of a “family reunion” than an educational conference. Heck, we even had record attendance this year, even though Key West is the hardest city in Florida to travel to. But, it’s worth the trip!


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