Timid Marketing = Failure

Was there ever a time when you could sell $10.00 e-books online and get rich? Maybe sell 500 or 1,000 of the books a month, generating $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 in income?

Sure, I know people promised to teach you how to get rich selling $10.00 e-books, but I wonder: Did anyone actually ever get wealthy doing it?

The trouble with this plan, of course, is getting traffic to your site. When you set up a site that’s intended to convert a visitor into a customer, you must work hard to attract visitors.

Think of your website as a retail store. Rather than setting up a store in a strip mall, you are able to create a store online. It’s far better than the retail store because it’s open 24-hours a day and no one ever calls in sick. Yet, just like the retail store, you’ve got to be creative to get people to visit and spend some time there.

Something hidden, no matter how good it is, is worthless.

Never allow yourself to disappear into the background murmur of your customers’ lives. Get noticed. Become a larger-than-life figure at all costs. Turn yourself into a magnet of attention by making bold statements, becoming controversial and being more mysterious than all the rest of the fainthearted masses.

You can use 99 ways to generate traffic to your website, but if you do them timidly, you’ll get mediocre results. However, if you are bold and welcome controversy, you’ll get attention. With attention, everything you do will be more effective.

What was one of the most successful information product launches ever? It was for the DVD/book The Secret. It caught fire because the online video was so mysterious and exciting that it attracted attention. It made huge promises to reveal locked away mysteries and breakthrough tactics. It was fascinating to people. The fact that all of the information in The Secret was already available on bookstore shelves in other peoples’ books didn’t matter. Rhonda Byrne’s team generated excitement for her product and stepped ahead of thousands of others who weren’t as bold as she was.

Did The Secret also generate controversy? It absolutely did. Mostly from other experts who criticized it for being too simplistic. Plus, it was a direct rip-off of Earl Nightingale’s book The Strangest Secret. I should also mention that one of the experts featured within The Secret, James Arthur Ray, was convicted of negligent homicide when attendees of his “Spiritual Warrior” retreat died while participating in a sweat lodge exercise.

While I’m not endorsing the book, the practitioners or the content of The Secret, I would like you to consider Byrne’s marketing strategy.

How can you get the attention of your market? Can you make bold predictions? What controversies can you stir up? Are you critical of current industry leaders?

Considering everything you can do to generate traffic to your site, becoming controversial will increase the effectiveness of everything else you do. Your ads will draw better, you’ll get more opt-ins and you’ll generate sales.

The attention will generate critics, too. But you can’t have success without critics. Critics come as part of the deal. You better get over your fear of criticism now because you’ll never generate success by trying to avoid your critics.

Remember what I said before: Something hidden, no matter how good it is, is worthless. Don’t allow your products and services to remain hidden. Be bold, be controversial and become even more successful.

Whether you are getting into business as a musician, in a retail store or with a website; demand attention by becoming a bold, controversial and larger-than-life personality.

What do you think? Do you have any examples of controversial ways you have generated attention? Or do you disagree and have a better way? Scroll down to the bottom of the page to leave me a comment. I read every comment and reply when appropriate.

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