Why annual subscriptions are the key to Be Unleavable growth

For many, offering annual subscriptions first is a fast cash generater.

What’s the fastest way to increase recurring subscription revenue? 

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Increase your monthly recurring revenue by offering annual subscriptions FIRST!

Yes, that’s right, annual subscriptions INCREASE recurring revenue compared with monthly.  In fact, in most cases, annual subscriptions increase revenue even if there’s a decrease in the number of new subscribers who join.

This episode of Be Unleavable® Subscription Growth reveals the best way to increase recurring revenue, with examples you can follow in your own business.

🔧 Tools I use:

I’ve been using a new search engine called Neeva. You’ll be happy you checked it out.

Neeva is an ad-free, private search engine, founded by ex-Google execs who wanted to create a product that focuses entirely on people, rather than advertisers.

The search industry has changed in the last decade. If you notice ads following you around the web, it’s because every search you do on a traditional search engine is added to a profile on you that’s then sold to advertisers, who re-target you with ads.

With Neeva, your searches are 100% private. Neeva makes money from $5 a month subscriptions for its Premium version, but you can sign up for an account for free and search the web forever on the basic plan, too.

With an ad-free model, the Neeva team is able to innovate on search features that have never been tried before. Just a few I love that have made me rethink search include the ability to search through all my personal accounts and drives (Neeva has connectors that encrypt and index Gmail, Figma, Slack, or other drives for you); “FastTap” search that allows you to skip the search results page entirely; immersive search experiences for travel, recipes, and sports; and UGC content that pulls in conversations from Reddit, Stack, and other forums to search results.

It’s hard to understand what search first can be like explain after two decades of using ad-focused search for two decades.

Using Neeva is be a great experience. It’s been my first search service for 10-months now.

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