Members quit. And most people’s attempts to lower member churn rates only make it worse. I can help you stop your members from quitting.

For 20 years I have focused on getting and keeping members. I come alongside you and your team to stop your members from quitting, and help you grow your membership.

You are investing a lot of time and money to grow your membership. Let’s stop your members from quitting so your program will grow as fast as you deserve. I help you grow your membership with my systems for attracting, welcoming and retaining your members.

I can assess your membership program to identify your fastest easy wins.

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How to Stop Your Members from Quitting

With all the reasons your members have for quitting, is it any wonder you’re able to keep your members at all?

As a matter of fact, while there are many reasons for your members to quit, there are five — and only five — reasons your members will stay.

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Sneak Peak: A Welcome Letter that Boosts Member Retention

Many of Perry Marshall’s Mastermind Club members have retained their membership since the day he first launched his program. That said, while the long-standing members loved the program, there were still a number of members who tried Perry’s Mastermind Club but dropped out within a month or two. I determined I could have the greatest impact by helping Perry create a member welcome system that fostered a strong relationship with his new members.

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How to Treat Your New Subscriber Members to Make Them Fall in Love With Your Program

Your new subscriber has a reason for buying your software. There’s a problem in their life or business. But too often we try to teach too much in the beginning. How can you get your new member experiencing relief from his or her problems as soon as possible, but do it in a way that they can understand quickly?
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