3 Churn Reduction Mistakes

A brand new, simplified system to stop subscribers from quitting.

Many subscription leaders tell me, “My team has been implementing retention strategies but it’s making churn worse.” Ironic, but Yes, I see it a lot. Unfortunately, some churn rate reduction strategies are counter intuitive. Plus, there’s one mistake that appears to work initially, but usually backfires, causing high churn rates that can’t be stopped. This episode of Be Unleavable® Subscription … Continued

Industry Disruption or Failure?

The four key differences between industry disruptors and those business failures that miss entirely.

After its epic high-profile crash in 2018, what does the relaunch of Movie Pass teach us about running a successful subscription business? Click here to find out. Subscription models disrupt many industries. The convenience, economics, and customer value enable companies to dominate competitors. And, then there are situations where a subscription model leads to failure. There are four key drivers … Continued

Monthly vs. annual payments, which is better?

Which is the best subscription. Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Payments.

There are three primary subscription terms, trial, monthly, and annual subscription. Which is best? Trial subscriptions have the highest conversion rates because they are discounting the monthly subscription charge by 80-90 percent. They have a higher churn rate than the others but usually result in more members after 12-months because of the superior front-end conversion rate. Use it if you … Continued

Subscriber Onboarding

Onboarding You MUST spell it out to them! Most people are too obsessed with their own lives to spend even an ounce of imagination on your subscription product

How can you optimize the onboarding of SaaS subscribers, to reduce churn and increase recurring revenue? Click here to find out. Today, Software as a Service is one of the fastest growing areas of the subscription world, with thousands of start-ups building and promoting tools that supposedly will enhance your life. But for SaaS today, new subscriber acquisition has never … Continued

Subscription Business Models

Today’s an unprecedented opportunity to disrupt your industry by launching a subscription business, using one of the nine subscription models.

Which subscription growth model is best for fast growth? Click here to find out. The pandemic has accelerated a massive consumer shift from one-time purchases to higher conversion subscription offers. However, most people think all subscription businesses are the same. That’s like saying all dogs are the same. In fact, different dog breeds have unique talents, behaviors, and even sizes. … Continued

How to Craft Winning Offers for Member Retention


What can a Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate bar teach you about subscription growth? Click here to watch. Today, many subscription offers try to create great offers, but actually hurt their new member conversion and retention rates because they deliver more, where more is too much. Most subscription growth teams use the same approach to impact subscription conversion and retention: the … Continued

How to Add a Subscription to an Existing Business

When launching a new subscription offering, stop trying to be Netflix.

 What can this Polar Pop drink from Circle K teach you about subscription success? Click here to watch. Most businesses trying to launch a new subscription program fall into the same trap. For some reason, since the launch of Netflix, many subscription businesses want to emulate them, by delivering everything they sell, for one low price. For the last … Continued

Stops SaaS Churn Caused by the Handoff

are you inadvertently CAUSING a high churn rate?

If you’re running a B2B SaaS business, are you inadvertently CAUSING a high churn rate? Click here to watch. In business-to-business SaaS, there’s a handoff between the sales team and the implementation team. And, most SaaS companies make huge mistakes during that process, that may be doubling churn rates. Even though this example is FOCUSED on B2B SaaS, there’s important … Continued

Stops New Subscribers from Quitting

Three keys to giving new subscribers a New Subscriber On Ramp™ to bring them up to speed.

What’s the BEST way to communicate with NEW members, so you can stop them from canceling their subscription shortly after joining? How you communicate with NEW subscribers needs to be different than the language you use with LONG-TERM members. To stop new subscribers from quitting and to retain members for the long-term, you must structure your member communication around three … Continued

They’re Not Buying Your Membership, They’re Buying Your Promo

They're Not Buying Your Membership

Membership subscription businesses are a Utopian business model where your revenue grows every month, we all get fat bonuses, and everyone lives happily ever after. Of course, this is crap, but that’s what some appear to promise and many believe. I had a long conversation with a company analyst and business newspaper reporter about a number of subscription businesses and … Continued