How to Add a Subscription to an Existing Business

When launching a new subscription offering, stop trying to be Netflix.

What can this Polar Pop drink from Circle K teach you about subscription success?

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Most businesses trying to launch a new subscription program fall into the same trap.

For some reason, since the launch of Netflix, many subscription businesses want to emulate them, by delivering everything they sell, for one low price.

For the last 10-years, emulating the Netflix subscription model may have SEEMED like a brilliant strategy. But that was propelled more by Wall Street greed than a smart subscription strategy.  We’ve already seen peak Netflix. Hopefully, business leaders won’t be distracted anymore.

Instead, smart subscription start-ups focus on the core customer they want to attract.

Rather than trying to sell EVERYthing for one subscription price like Netflix, Instead, identify the ONE thing that’ll get your best customer to choose YOU, over your competitors.

You thought you had competition. Circle K is trying to get their customers to drive past dozens of competitors to buy drinks, food, and maybe even an afternoon beer.

With my subscription clients, I’m strategic. We create a subscription offer that’s irresistible to the target customer they want to attract.

This scales MUCH faster than the Netflix, all in one model.

This episode of Be Unleavable® Subscription Growth reveals the best way to add a subscription to an existing business to generate reliable recurring revenue without cannibalizing existing sales.

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