Stops SaaS Churn Caused by the Handoff

are you inadvertently CAUSING a high churn rate?

If you’re running a B2B SaaS business, are you inadvertently CAUSING a high churn rate?

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In business-to-business SaaS, there’s a handoff between the sales team and the implementation team. And, most SaaS companies make huge mistakes during that process, that may be doubling churn rates.

Even though this example is FOCUSED on B2B SaaS, there’s important lessons here for ALL subscription businesses.  I’ve been approached by several companies facing this challenge, this episode is designed to help.

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You should NEVER assume that the client’s team is as ready and enthusiastic to implement, as the principal was ready to buy. It’s a lot easier to say, “This isn’t gonna work for us,” throw up your hands and walk away than re-creating a whole bunch of new systems.

SaaS leadership built their implementation processes assuming they will encounter a positive implementation team that’s dedicated to doing the necessary work to implement their SaaS tool.

And this invariably leads to a high churn rate at the first renewal.

It’s WAY easier to SOLVE this problem to save your fresh subscribers than it is to generate new leads to convert. It’s a lot cheaper to do these three things than it is to pay the ad cost to get new customers to replace them

This episode of Be Unleavable® Subscription Growth reveals the BEST way to handoff between sales and support, to increase engagement and retention. This is important for all subscription businesses as there’s often more than one customer within your new subscriber. But, for B2B SaaS, it’s life or death!

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