You Don’t Have to Fight Churn Alone, Instead Create a Community

Community fights churn

How many times have you picked what looked like the fastest line at the grocery store, and it turned out to be the slowest? Argh! Isn’t it frustrating? Today we are in the “subscription economy” or the “membership economy.” Growing a subscription business is the fastest way to scale a successful business. Or so it may appear at the outset. … Continued

3 Biggest Lessons of 2nd Quarter of 2017 To Help Stop Your Members From Quitting

stop members quitting

I had the pleasure of visiting Bonn, Germany, for full week to work with the team at VNR Verlag für die Deutsche Wirtschaft AG. I conducted a seminar on Monday with more than 50 members of the team. Then, Tuesday through Friday, I conducted workshops with nine different publishing divisions from family magazines, health, financial, and technology publications. While everyone … Continued

Why Subscribers Join and What Keeps Them From Quitting

What keeps members from quitting

Have you heard about those OPEC meetings where leaders from oil-producing nations agree to production rates to control the price of oil around the world? Have you ever wondered what those meetings are like? Is everyone at these OPEC meetings sitting on chairs made of solid gold, speaking while a team of servants fans them and feeds them grapes? Or … Continued

Retention Training to Stop Your Members from Quitting

I may have to seek therapy. My son, Robert William, has chosen to attend the University of Florida to become a … I can’t write it. Their mascot begins with the letter G. Ugh! I graduated from the superior school within the state, Florida State University. My favorite daughter is set to graduate from Florida State this December. She followed … Continued

The Secret for Faster Recurring Revenue Growth, Invest More on Member Retention

It’s been exhilarating working with several $100 million — and larger — publishers over the last couple of months. These companies spend millions of dollars on member acquisition. They track their numbers and know what’s working — and what’s not — within their marketing and sales funnels. Some have weekly training seminars for copywriters. They get together, analyze promotions that … Continued