How Are You Sabotaging Your Membership Growth?

I was always the chubby kid in school. Since I can remember, I’ve been embarrassed about how my body looks. I’m too self-conscious to leave my closet without a shirt on. Forget running in public or strolling at the beach without wearing a shirt. For decades, I’ve lived with this problem, telling no one. And yet, I love Cuban sandwiches. … Continued

Copywriting for Customer Engagement, Retention and Lower Churn

The biggest mistake I see in ongoing content is that it’s 100 percent “how-to” information. Too much how-to is boring, overwhelming, and monotonous. Plus, there are billions of pages of how-to content available for free on the internet. Yes, “how-to” is important, and when you ask your members, that’s what they always say they want; however, when you deliver content … Continued

Today’s Single Most Effective Technique to Recruit New Members

Unless you have a sales process that reliably generates new members, there won’t be any members to retain. While a lot of clients come to me because they have retention problems, I’m most often creating front-end marketing systems. When you recruit new members into your membership with the right type of offer, they are much easier to retain. More money … Continued