How to Communicate Your Benefits in a Compelling Way so Members Want and Appreciate What You Deliver

“What are the benefits I can offer to stop members from quitting?” is the most frequent question I hear. Yet, for the most part, the benefits these clients deliver to their members are just fine.

But there’s usually a huge problem in the way benefits are communicated. You may have an understanding of your benefits, how they’ve helped other members in the past, and how they can help your current members. However, your new member has no idea about any of this. And she’s not going to read a bunch of stuff to try to learn about everything, either. You’ve got just a few seconds to pique her curiosity and get her engaged, even if she invested in buying your subscription.

Most importantly, rather than talk about what the benefits are, such as discounts, publications, or a subscription box, illustrate how each benefit helps your member.

There should be a transformation within every benefit. Each benefit description should mention a problem your member faces, how your benefit solves that problem, and what life will be like for your member after she uses your benefit to solve her problem.

Thinking in terms of transformational benefits is important event with subscription boxes. While some of the better boxes include an insert with a summary of each item in the box, very few are compelling and transformational. If you aren’t solving a problem your member faces, it’s not really a benefit.

Here’s an example of a member benefit summary for the Automotive Training Institute Alumni Program. This program has more than tripled since they implemented the materials we created together.

How can you deliver your member benefits in an engaging format with transformational stories?

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