Transforming Churn Into Engagement and Growth

Ron LeGrand has been selling seminars, products and subscriptions since Robert Skrob was in middle school. Sometimes a new perspective is in order. After becoming frustrated by poor engagement and high churn, Mr. LeGrand brought his team to Mr. Skrob’s office for a consulting day. Mr. Skrob simplified Mr. LeGrand’s “library” of offerings into a transformational product for new members that provides clear engagement and member recognition opportunities.

How to Make $117,018.00 in Four Hours

Michael Rozbruch, a longtime advocate for individuals with IRS tax problems, wanted to help others pursue the business. On his first launch, Mr. Rozbruch was able to sell $117,018.00 worth of product (@ $297) in 240 minutes, with a built-in monthly continuity piece generating an additional $38,000.00 a month. Mr. Rozbruch reached out to Robert Skrob in the months leading up to the launch. Mr. Rozbruch had to outline the launch, create a product, write a sales presentation and set up all the online shopping carts in a short timeframe. Mr. Skrob was able to help Mr. Rozbruch and his team navigate the process. After the launch, Mr. Skrob coached Mr. Rozbruch through creating the product, retaining his new customers in the continuity program and conducting a successful marketing campaign to his list of unconverted leads. Today, Mr. Rozbruch has more time to enjoy driving his Oldsmobile 442 and smoking his Monte Cristo #2s.

Reducing Value Increases Sales by $108,828.00

Jim Augustus Armstrong had hit a plateau after providing marketing systems and business coaching to flooring dealers for many years. He thought he might need to find a new source of customers to grow his business. By working with Robert Skrob, Mr. Armstrong was able to simplify marketing for flooring dealers into three key components: a referral program to past clients, a client newsletter and a proprietary sales process. With these three components, any flooring dealer can transform his or her life and business and grow, in spite of stifling price competition in the market. These changes gave Mr. Armstrong an instant increase in sales, but that’s not all. His new customers are seeing faster results and maintaining their memberships. Simplifying the offer and deliverables has made Mr. Armstrong’s business a lot easier to operate, and it’s growing again.

A Coach Launches His Own Business

After several years as a successful real estate agent and a coach for the most prominent coaching business in the real estate industry, Willie Miranda wanted to create a product and a business of his own. Working with Robert Skrob, Mr. Miranda was able to outline a way to establish his unique voice, launch a successful new product and maintain his working relationship with the business for which he provides coaching. In fact, that coaching business is going to help launch his new product. Mr. Miranda now has the script for his sales presentation, a complete outline for his new product and a reasonable timetable to launch his new business.

Turning Years of Marketing Efforts Into a Marketing System

After taking over his family’s bar, Nick Fosberg tried to save the business himself, first by tending bar, then by cooking food. He even tried to save money by doing all the cleaning himself. Then he figured out that delegating work to others and increasing his time on marketing gave him the best results. After two years of promoting his bar’s marketing and management systems, he came to Robert Skrob. Together Mr. Skrob and Mr. Fosberg were able to take Mr. Fosberg’s web TV show, email list and products and organize them into a marketing system that attracted attention from other bar owners, helped them understand the possibilities of “Doubling Your Regulars” and encouraged them to invest in Mr. Fosberg’s programs.