Quick Association Marketing Program Implementation

Association-Marketing-Consulting-300x214Although I’m extremely busy with my own businesses and my current coaching clients, I accept a limited number of new clients in cases where I believe the marketer has the tools to be a successful marketer to associations. All client relationships begin with a full-day fast implementation consultation.

Although it’s considered a consultation day, it’s really like a two-month consultation since we will use the month before we meet to prepare for our time together and the month after we meet to implement what we discussed during our session together. Many clients report the preparation is well worth their entire consultation investment.

After a month of preparation, we’ll meet and create a plan together. I’ll often provide resources and sometimes personal contacts you can use to speed up your efforts.

For a full month after our consultation, I’ll provide email support to answer questions as they come up. We will also have a one-on-one full hour consultation within a month after our time together so we can review how your plan has stood up to the real world, make course corrections as necessary and help your team implement your detailed, step-by-step implementation plan.

If you’d like to schedule a complimentary 30-minute strategy call to discuss using association marketing for your business and to determine if marketing through associations is a good fit for you, contact Suzanne Hurst in my office at (850) 222-6000 or via email through the form below: