🌮🔔🔁Taco Bell Subscription: ᪨¿inteligente o estúpido?


Taco Bell launched a new subscription program this week. The Taco Lover’s Pass is just $10.00 and gets you one taco a day for 30-days!

Even though this subscription program is limited to a few stores in Arizona, Taco Bell has generated publicity on all the major networks. Also, because pass holders must use the Taco Bell app to order their free tacos each day it trains their best customers to order through their app instead of waiting until they arrive at the store. But, is selling 30-days of tacos for $10.00 a smart move or stupid?

This episode of Be Unleavable Subscription Growth breaks down recently launched fast-food subscription offers at Taco Bell, Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts as well as Pret a Manger to identify the lessons for growing your own recurring subscription revenue.

Watch Be Unleavable Subscription Growth here.

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