Attracting Your Tribe with Mission Based Marketing

Chris Griffin, DDS is the smartest guy there is for dental office systems. Not only does Chris offer systems for marketing and running an office efficiently, but he also delivers great systems on the clinical side of the practice.

In fact, one dentist used Chris’ systems to earn more money working 3 days a week in his dental practice than he was previously able to make working 5 days a week. What did that client do with all his extra time off? He became a professional bass fisherman, traveling to tournaments, getting paid to catch fish.

While you’d think this would be exciting news for dentists, most dentists are more interested in the latest social media marketing secret than they are by a better way to run their practice. After all, to transform their office, they’d have to work through their staff.

To attract interest in the systems he offers, Chris Griffin has created a powerful manifesto that describes the problems within dentistry, how those problems will get worse, and what dentists must do to survive and perhaps even thrive in the world of corporate dentistry.

Chris’ manifesto is a key part of his upcoming launch. This launch will feature a 3-video series based on the manifesto and will deliver a quick-results product designed to help dentists implement the program quickly and easily. If you’d like to check out Chris’ manifesto and his launch videos, visit

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3 Comments on “Attracting Your Tribe with Mission Based Marketing”

  1. Yep, it is all about ‘Tribes’. When it comes to money, your customers and partners are your tribe and everyone else is another tribe. This almost goes to the level of religion or statehood, because many religions involve business connections and money anyways. For the sake of the non-corporate business model, the diversity in your tribe can possibly produce a superior strategy but it is still a real challenge to compete.

    For the independent and ambitious business person, the corporations are ‘the enemy’ or at least the competition, the giant bohemoths that your tribe must get ahead of with team work and strategy and then feast on, dissecting them like a whale, each member of your team taking a part of the carcass and then moving on further in the hunt.

    However, it may also be possible to use parts of the bigger organizations, not aiming to kill them off, but simply become as big as them while potentially avoiding some of the pitfalls that their model is susceptible to. I don’t know exactly.

    Personally, I Think the key is to make your marketing tribe the best, unbeatable by researching and recruiting. That is what I seek to do.

  2. Hi Robert,
    I thought this comment might interest you…
    Ideas that can be used for creating a tribe are well explained in chapter 3 of Yanick Silver’s latest book “Evolved Enterprise”. It’s a great read with valuable information that can be strategized and implemented with a little authentic ambition and work ethic. The concepts can work across most industries…

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