Crushing it in Nashville: Generating $75,866 in One 75-Minute Presentation

“What a weekend and experience. Sold 38 packages ($1,997!) to a room of 125 CPAs/EAs. I never experienced a rush to the back of the room like this. What a feeling! Better than drugs!! Thanks for all your help and talk soon!!”

Michael and I have invested a lot of time on his product, offer, and presentation. Plus, Michael spent several weeks studying other successful presentations and top presenters, looking for ways to improve his pitch.

After trading emails, Michael later wrote:
“Preparation was a major factor. I must have practiced for 40-50 hours for this 75-minute presentation and it was worth every minute of it!”

If there’s one factor that determines success versus failure of business launches, online funnels, and sales presentations, it’s preparation. Too many marketers are in too much of a hurry to execute.

Yes, it’s important to execute — critical even. You’ve got to present your product to customers so you can get feedback, improve your product, and adjust your sales message. Too often, though, marketers are so focused on getting their first draft out, they forget to make it good, and therefore lose their chance at honing an already decent product. When it comes down to results, the marketers who generate breakthrough sales are able to do so because they’ve studied their market, improved their offering, and practiced their presentation.

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