Facebook or Slack communities?

Should you use Facebook or Slack to build member communities?  Neither!

An online community may engage subscribers and increase retention and renewals. Or it may become a nightmare.

Sadly, most communities become “ghost towns” where good posts go to die from neglect. They become social proof that your members aren’t engaged. Other communities become tyrannical when members come to believe that posting political rants on your group is their right to free speech.

There are lots of ways subscriber communities can go wrong.

Today, in Be Unleavable Subscription Growth we talk about how to build subscriber communities into a stable long-term asset driving your recurring revenue growth.  (Watch on YouTube): You’ll discover these keys to launching and growing communities:

  • Facebook or Slack? – Why building your community using Facebook Groups appears to work well in the short-run and how it becomes a nightmare in the near future. And, why Slack is rarely an option.
  • What to look for in platforms – Key features you should look for in a community platform and which features are so important you should walk away if they aren’t included.
  • New Member On Ramp – How to prevent the same newbie questions over and over again from boring your long-time members.
  • Getting subscribers engaged – Simple strategies to get subscribers back to the site to form new habits around your community.
  • Community examples – Get a sneak peek at communities built upon several different platforms for fast best practice insights.

Check out this Be Unleavable Subscription Growth while it lasts.

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