Do THIS and Members will Get Better Results and Retain their Membership for Years Instead of Weeks


I was completely pinned against the back wall of the swimming pool, water gushing at my face, in my mouth, nose and eyes. I was never so happy to be out of a pool.

This was my first time learning how to swim in one of those stationary pools. It’s a similar concept to walking on a treadmill except it’s a pool. There’s a flow of current coming from a large jet. Your goal is to swim against the current so you are able to get your “laps” in and never move. You can swim like it’s an Olympic size swimming pool in an 8’ X 10’ area.

Only problem, this was my first time using one of these things. At first the current was too slow. Every time I tried to swim I’d swim faster than the current and start slapping the side of the pool right above the jets with my hands. This hurt. I made the current faster, same problem. Turned it up some more, still hit the pool, only my hands were getting sore.

That’s when I decided to turn the current to high. The pump roared to life, the current came at me with the power of a fire hose knocking me back until I was pinned between the back wall of the pool with a steady gush of water blasting into my face. I couldn’t move.

Not only was that the last time I used one of those pools, that’s the last time I’ve been swimming.

It’s such a magical time when you are making the sale. You are able to promise the easiest solutions to all of their life’s problems with one simple purchase. All they need to start on the path to success is to take the first step, buy your program.

What happens after the sale? The switch.

This is where you explain that they have to actually listen to hours of audio, watch hours of video and read volumes of materials to learn something. After they learn new skills they’ve got to practice them and stick with it long enough to get results. Unfortunately for the, THIS is also when most continuity marketers stop selling.

Have you ever picked up a new sport? Remember learning golf for the first time, tennis, or even swimming in stationary swimming pool? Each of these are basic skills that pretty much any human being can learn and become proficient at. Sure there are also super-stars that do these things well but what does it take to become proficient? It takes courage to learn, try, fail and try again. Does anyone expect you to be a great tennis player on the first day on the court? Of course not. Should I expect there may be a mistake or two in learning how to swim in one of those “endless pools?” Sure.

What’s going to keep you going after you experience frustration or failure? The dream.

The dream for you is to create a stable, long-term continuity program that provides cash flow month-after-month. A continuity program that turns into an asset that you can sell because there is a predictable income without your ongoing presence in the business. Keeping this dream mind helps you persevere while you learn the skills necessary to create this business.

What are the deepest desires and dreams of your customers? You likely already know because you used them during the sales process. But, after they bought your product you stopped talking about the dreams your members want, didn’t you? Instead, you focused on teaching and training.

It’s not your fault. I’ve made the same mistake. When I was promoting the Information Marketing Association to professional speakers I created this package that was an “irresistible offer” based on what I saw someone else offer in the dentistry niche. I included an MP3 player with 8 hours of audio programs together with a 2-hour training from Dan Kennedy as well as several special reports. It showed-up in a FedEx after a new member joined.

When I launched the offer, it crushed it. More than 117 new speakers to signed-up for my free 2-month free trial offer in the first 3-days. Unfortunately, not one of them stuck through the free trial. They all said versions of the same thing, “I’ve got more than I can listen to already, I can’t handle any more.”

That’s when I completely changed my focus when selling continuity. Rather than the huge bonus as the inducement I deliver a transformation.

When Jim Augustus Armstrong came to meet with me about his coaching program for flooring dealers he included everything they could possibly need to promote their business. Our first work together was to identify out of everything he delivered, what were the 3 things that created the fastest results. We simplified the offer and named it the Core 3.

His flooring dealers want new customers but they are already slammed busy. Among the hours of training and dozens of strategies he had a referral letter flooring dealers could send to get new customers. This single letter is simple enough that even a flooring dealer can change the name and get it into the mail. When the phone starts ringing with new customers it creates belief. But, not just belief in the Jim’s program but also belief in themselves.

When you are learning a new skill there are challenging days and good days. When you encounter a challenging day it’s easy to give up, especially if you haven’t yet experienced any good days. However, if we can get your some continuity members an early success, an easy win, then they be more willing to stick with your program, your average member retention and member value will increase.

This is a huge secret within the continuity world right now. Everyone is focused on delivering the huge product, the entire spectrum of training and the “Master’s Degree in a box” type thing. Instead, how can you focus on an early, quick victory, and give them immediate results.

Then, with your best sales training, you can build up the dream and the urgency for them to implement what you’ve provided. With Jim’s Core 3 program for flooring dealers, both before and after the sale we promoted it as the fast track to $5 Million/yr. with 45-50% margins (or more). This was something flooring dealers ardently want, a dream. By simplifying how we talk about it and keeping that in front of members, it helps give them the motivation to learn something new, try, fail and try again. And most importantly for Jim, stick with his $297.00 per month continuity program throughout the learning process.

Some continuity marketers describe their program as “drinking from a fire hose” as if that’s a good thing. My experience in the stationary pool was anything but rewarding and successful. Are you frustrating your new members by overwhelming them?

Instead, make your program about reminding your customers about their dreams and help them take a first step towards achieving them.

About Robert Skrob

The problem with subscription membership programs is that members quit, I fix that problem. For more than 20-years I have specialized in direct response marketing for member recruitment, retention and ascension in diverse subscription members environments including non-profit associations, for-profit publishers/coaching, subscriptions and SAAS companies. For an evaluation of your current churn rate and how I can improve it, contact me here. I discover there are often two or three quick wins you can implement within a week to lower churn immediately, let’s talk about your quick wins.
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4 Comments on “Do THIS and Members will Get Better Results and Retain their Membership for Years Instead of Weeks”

  1. Hi Robert
    I agree completely that many organizations “firehose” their new members. Been there.

    There could be a large opportunity for someone to create a marketable in-house process for organizations to manage the “firehose syndrome” I have some ideas about this concept.

  2. I am just getting started with my real estate Brokerage Model. I am not sure if I should do a membership organization or an affiliation like CrossFit organization, do you have anything that could help me understand what is best in creating an organization…I don’t want to try and franchise
    Greg K. Loggins
    321 720 7374

  3. Good vibes Robert.

    I can appreciate that your business model empathizes and takes into account what it’s like to be in the members shoes…. all in an effort to facilitate and ensure their success.

    At least thus far that’s the impression I’ve gotten

    Great stuff, and Thank You.

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