Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) Is Not About the New Members You Get, It Grows Only With the Members You Keep

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) Grows Only With the Members You Keep

I am your favorite person — the one you have invested precious time and money to find.

I am your next new member.

It’s time to type my credit card number into your order form. Oh shoot, my card is in the other room; I’ll go get it.

Your promises are so exciting. Your membership is the answer to many of my problems. Your message is inspiring. I’m curious about what you have to offer.

I wonder, though, if your membership is really a good fit for me. I’ve tried many others. Usually, I buy and it’s disappointing. I get all this stuff, and I love collecting stuff, but I never get around to using it. It just stacks up on a shelf. Or, I download everything to my computer but never look at it.

Will this time be different? Probably not. I’m really busy right now and I’m not sure I’ll ever get around to using your materials. Besides, I’m trying to spend less money right now. Maybe it’s best that I don’t buy.

The last thing I bought was so overwhelming. There was so much to do I couldn’t figure out where to start. And then, when I didn’t dig through all of the stuff he sent me, the guy told me my failure was because I didn’t do any work. I’ve been working hard my entire life — don’t tell me I love my family any less than you do because I don’t stay up nights and weekends digging through your crap to figure out how to use it.

I don’t like being confused. So much so that I’d prefer to keep my existing problems than put myself in a situation where I’m going to feel like an even bigger failure.

And who are you anyway? You say you generate these great outcomes. I bet those testimonials are fake. I bet there’s something those people aren’t telling. None of them are really like me anyway. Maybe this is a better fit for someone else.

But then again, you offer a refund policy. You say if I’m not completely satisfied that I can get my money back. Well then, there’s nothing to lose to give your thing a try.

I really hope that this time will be different. I eagerly want something that works. I want somebody who will show me step by step. Who will explain things in a way I can understand? Who will inspire me to continue trying, even after I fail? I want to learn from others who are solving problems that I’m also struggling with.

Most of all, I want a leader. I’ve had teachers all my life. Teachers in schools who taught me only to study what’s going to be on the test, teachers who droned on during those mandatory trainings at work, and teachers who know everything so they can lord it over the rest of us.

A leader is someone who inspires by offering a new way of thinking. They offer a unique perspective on a problem I’ve been dealing with or additional information that provides the essential insight I’ve been missing all along. This is what I’m hoping to get from you, even if I don’t realize it myself yet.

I found my credit card, entered it into your form, and I’m ready to click “Submit.” What’s going to happen next?

Is your new member welcome experience the answer to my hopes and dreams? Or will you confirm my fears by being like everyone else?

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