New Disney Prime Subscription?

It’s a lot more complicated when you’re creating a new cross sell subscription or up sell opportunity for your EXISTING customers

How do you add a NEW, higher priced subscription level to your business, without competing with, or cannibalizing your EXISTING offerings?

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The Wall Street Journal reports that Disney is creating a subscription offering similar to Amazon Prime. Dubbed internally as ‘Disney Prime’, it’s designed to be a mainstream offer that can attract many millions of subscribers.

While more monthly recurring revenue is always beneficial, Disney already sells a wide variety of products and services, including subscriptions and memberships.  So the question for all of us is, how do we create another stream of subscription revenue that doesn’t conflict with what we already have?

 It’s critical to make sure you don’t cannibalize your existing products, so ALL subscription sales generate new revenue.

This episode of Be Unleavable® Subscription Growth uses Disney as an example, we’ll break down the essential considerations for launching a new subscription offering to generate monthly recurring revenue for an existing business.

📘 What I’m reading: 

My friend, Chris Hurn recommended this book to our mastermind group, The End of the World is Just the Beginning: Mapping the Collapse of Globalization by Peter Zeihan.

Here is Chris’ recommendation to our group, word for word:

“This is by one of my favorite economists and he’s funny as shit!  Massively informative about upcoming (or already happened) global demographic changes and how we’re in a (relative) good spot, but China and Europe are not. Sort of confirms what I’ve been saying for a while (and no, Skrob, this isn’t “conformational bias”… just the facts). Seriously, it’s a VERY important book, not overly academic (so won’t put you to sleep), and actually IS rather humorous at times. Run to your Amazon account ASAP!  I mean it.”

Taking Chris’ advice, I did “run to my Amazon account” to buy and read this book.

While the author is humorous at times, I cannot confirm that this book is “funny as shit.”  However, it is an excellent review of world history to put today’s economic climate into context.

Our world is going through a massive transition. Just take a look at what’s happening in Europe right now. Famines this winter in Africa and Asia are a near certainty.

What’s China’s role in the future? How will the US fare? And, how should you position yourself now for these changes?

Lots of insights in this book, The End of the World is Just the Beginning.

📺 What I’m watching:

 There are thousands of years of intelligence built into the stories within Genesis chapter of the Bible. Each of these stories were the result of thousands of years of oral tradition.

I gained several insights about these stories and the pre-literate world when this presentation came to my attention last week: Lecture: The Symbolic World | by Jonathan Pageau.

This presentation includes great insights on our purpose to create order out of disorder. How to use your perception of reality to engage in the world. And, how fragile the world is held together with the rituals we use for human interaction. All this plus the ancient notion of intelligence went way behind our current understanding of logic, to directly recognize the patterns within the world.

💤 Bored? Here’s Something Fun:

The Muppets video last week got more replies than anything else I’ve shared in the last six months. Many of you were thrilled to email me about how much you loved The Muppets video.

Well then, if you aren’t into books about the end of the world or Bible stories, here’s a video selected for your spiritual enlightenment: Rainbow Connection by Kermit the Frog from The Muppet Movie.

🧠 What I’m pondering: 

 This email is meant to be a fun part of your Sunday morning. This Sunday it’s also important that we also remember what happened today, 21 years ago.

It’s something that changed our lives and our perception of the world.

We must remember those who lost loved ones. Plus, we honor the thousands of people who sacrificed to keep us safe and enable us to ensure that those acts do not happen again.

It’s with reverence and remembrance that we are each able to move forward, stronger, smarter and with an appreciation for the fragility of life.

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