Some people shouldn’t be encouraged.

There are many ways to fail in any business launch. The info-marketing business is no exception. You can choose a niche that is too large, under research your niche and launch the wrong product, market poorly, market too little or rely too much on joint ventures—and this is just the beginning of the list.

Life is too short. I don’t want to be misled by someone who is trying to spare my feelings. If I’m missing something important, I want to be told.

I assume the same with the clients I work with. That’s why it irritates me when I see others teaching to “pursue your passion” or “follow your dream.” That’s cruel.

Only fools expect success without effort.

You want to build the foundation of a business so that the business will continue to grow. It will take work, a lot of learning and a serious investment. But you are working for a result that’s bigger than a life of leisure; you are working for the mastery of your craft—and your life. The point where running your business and living your life become intuitive. When growing your business is like driving a car, and you’re getting down the road without having to consciously think about it. Instead, you can relax because you know exactly where you are going and how you are going to get there.

Unless someone is in therapy, he or she doesn’t need constant encouragement that everything is all right. Instead, that person needs to hear the truth.

You have a choice.

You can build a business quickly by giving customers a bunch of false promises about what they can expect from your products and services. Sure, customers want to buy a system that promises that it pours out money without work. Yes, lots of people will want to buy that. However, you will end up with customers who believe it’s possible to get money without doing any work. People like that will dump you and run to the next person who promises easy money.

Your other, much better, choice? You can build a business by becoming a master craftsman yourself.

If you have already made that choice, you are a master craftsman because you understand your customers, you understand your business and you are driving intuitively. You’ve invested the time and effort, and now you know exactly what to do next to reach your goal. If you haven’t made that choice, maybe it’s time you did.

Link the copy: Built on a foundation of hype

What do you think? Do you agree that building a successful business is more about work and mastery than it is about pursuing a dream? Or do you have a different perspective based on your experience? Scroll down to the bottom of the page to leave me a comment. I read every comment and reply when appropriate.


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3 Comments on “Some people shouldn’t be encouraged.”

  1. Noone seems to discuss the ‘business planning’ side of the business to research, prepare, audience build,launch, funnel, survive grow and scale hence make sure the money is available for the journey

  2. Thank you for sharing encouragement, I’ve been striving for nearly 5 years and I know Im not far from achieving my goal of a successful information marketing business.

    I choose to be a craftsman all day everyday!!

    Thanks again, love reading your content Robert!

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