Proclaiming the unpopular truths

Imagine walking into a church just before the service begins, striding up to the front, getting everyone’s attention and proclaiming there is no God.

Or—this could get you injured—imagine going to a Veteran’s Day ceremony and telling everyone their service to our country was just another job, like spending four years working at a Chrysler plant.

How are you going to be received? At the least, you’ll be thrown out, maybe even roughed up in the process.

People want to believe. If you challenge their beliefs, they will at least resist you and at worst start a fight.

The cable news industry figured this out 15 years ago. Fox News created an audience by giving conservative viewers the news and commentary in a way they already believe. No one is convinced by Sean Hannity. Sean’s commentary reinforces what his audience already believes. In the same way, Rachel Maddow and Al Sharpton on MSNBC merely reflect their audience’s point of view. They aren’t winning any converts to their way of thinking.

That’s what makes the webinar I created is so dangerous. In my webinar I challenge several commonly held beliefs in the info-marketing world, including beliefs about product launches, continuity programs, membership sites, social media and more. I give the other side of the story no one talks about. Most important, I take on the so-called gurus who prey on people by selling products that will never generate the results they promise. You can register for my webinar here: Your Money Machine Blueprint.

Even if you watched the webinar a year ago, it’s time to check it out again. The refresher will do you good. Especially if you’ve worked the last year and haven’t been reaching your goals. Many who watch finally understand why they weren’t getting the results they hoped by implementing their current business plans. It reveals how to fix that and finally get onto their success path.

As marketers, we aren’t convincing people of anything. Instead, we are positioning our products according to what our prospects already believe. If they believe there are secrets to wealth, then we say our product is a secret so they’ll buy it.

But some marketers go a step too far. If their prospects believe there are strategies that allow people to get rich without doing any work, then these gurus claim their products deliver results with little or no effort required. Products like these prey on people’s desires. The sellers of these products merely figure out what people want to buy and then claim to sell it to them.

That is exactly what I’m attacking in my Your Money Machine Blueprint. That’s why my webinar is so dangerous. I’m debunking “get rich quick” and “easy money” beliefs rather than catering to them.

But I don’t care if it’s dangerous. I get call after call after call from frustrated people, and I’m tired of it. They hear a promise of making big money, so they invest in a product. They implement what they are taught by the guru and then fail to generate the promised results. (Yes, many actually faithfully try to implement with the products they buy.) However, there was no way the product could deliver on the promises because the promises were invented to cater to what the prospects already believed and wanted. This makes people feel dejected. It makes them feel like losers, like they failed. But the truth is it was the guru that failed them.

I want you to believe in yourself rather than in some “magic potion” product. There are ways to make money, ways to build a successful, long-term business. These methods require you to work through a steady process. They are like turning the crank on a jack-in-the-box. That guy isn’t going to pop out unless you turn the crank. In business, no money comes out unless you do some work.

I’ve already received a lot of criticism about my Your Money Machine Blueprint webinar. However, I see where the criticism is coming from, so I know I’m doing the right thing.

Fact is I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything new. I didn’t create this webinar to persuade people who believe in “get-rich-quick” to suddenly believe in the value of learning and hard work. No, I created the webinar to identify a few hard workers who are looking for someone to reveal—finally—what it takes to succeed.


In the Your Money Machine Blueprint webinar, I separate the myths from realities by telling the other side of common info-marketing programs, the truth no one talks about. Everyone fears that if they give their customers the “downside,” then their customers won’t buy. Heck, that may be true; disillusioned customers may be turned off.


But I think it’s more important for customers to be educated, to know what they are getting into and to be prepared to succeed. Your Money Machine Blueprint breaks down what you need to do to build a successful, long-term business quickly. It’s like handing you the crank to turn to create your own money machine. Plus, I reveal how some of the cranking can be automated by using the Web.


I’m proud of the Your Money Machine Blueprint. The people who have already seen it report they were completely blown away and excited. They have been impressed with how I explain business and reveal the stuff no one else talks about.


Now, it’s your turn. I’d appreciate your input.


You can register for the next webinar by visiting Your Money Machine Blueprint. Pick a date and time that’s convenient for you.


If you are like the others I’ve shown it to—people who have been silently hoping for someone to come along who will reveal what it really takes to succeed, step-by-step, without the lies and false promises about easy money—you’ll be excited to see what I reveal on this webinar.


Best wishes,

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