The Secret Feature That’ll Transform Your Newsletter Into a Monthly Member Retention Device

After visiting me in Tallahassee for a consulting day, Ben Glass and his cracker-jack marketing director, Charlie Mann, put my newsletter formula into action. You can see some examples of how they now feature client stories to illustrate what they teach. These client stories make it easier to complete your newsletter, and they provide great instructional content for readers because they learn the lesson and they get to see an example. And, most powerful of all, getting featured in your newsletter is a powerful motivator for your readers.

Here’s a comment Ben received from a member after a recent newsletter:

     Hi Ben,

     Last Thursday, I arrived at the office expecting it to be like any other day. It wasn’t even out of the      ordinary for Kenny to gather the team in our conference room to read aloud your newsletter. He began with the headline, “Diamond Elite Coaching Member Kenny Berger Selected Best Personal Injury Law Firm in Columbia, SC, By Local Paper.” We all looked at each other across the table, exchanging smiles and anxiously awaiting what Kenny had to say next. Without much further ado, Kenny read the sub headline, but then paused to glance in my direction before continuing.

     I quickly became overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation for your words. Kenny speaks so highly of you and your team that even the mention of my name and email was an honor. I also thank you for establishing a standard for me to work by. After all, it isn’t every day someone declares you an “unfair advantage.” You truly are too kind.

    Ultimately, I just want to thank you and reiterate that a little bit of kindness goes a long way.

    I wish you all the best,


Isn’t that awesome?! Additionally, I think it’s wonderful that Ken regularly gathers his team together to read from Ben’s newsletter. THIS is the impact you want to be having on your members.

This is the kind of relationship that gives you retention. Systematically creating those relationships by featuring member success stories is what builds a vibrant membership. Great job, Ben and Charlie!

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  1. I agree…and can implement this idea in my businesses…awesome way to solidify tribal membership. Monthly impact vs annual recognition…it’s a no brainer as to which is better…members need to feel appreciated and recognized for their contributions.

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