The System to Grow Your Business

Your teachings have made a huge difference for me these past two years and I’m expecting some big gains this next year due to modeling my business after your pyramid. I’ll look forward to sharing the details with you sometime in near future.

You don’t shortcut the shortcut. Hear people telling me they want to launch continuity programs or have other ideas how to do this. This is the fastest, most powerful route.

Alex Jarrett

I’ve been blessed the last few weeks to have received messages like Alex’s from several long-time IMA members. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to receive your notes.

I can still remember the frustration and tears, on my knees in front of my desk, praying to God: “Whatever it takes, just show me what to do and I’ll work day and night to make it happen.”

I sincerely appreciate his kind words, but clearly Alex’s results are the product of his own determination and hard work. But that sort of thing can happen when you are following the right path.

I often volunteer to teach Junior Achievement classes in local high schools. It’s a great experience being able to share personal finance skills and entrepreneurship with young adults. With a little bit of curiosity, I stepped outside the curriculum and asked the students to complete the following sentence: In Las Vegas, if you play long enough, you will _____. As a class they answered, “WIN.”

Obviously, that’s a completely backward view of how Las Vegas works. But it’s a symptom of continually teaching our children perseverance: If they keep trying, they will succeed. In fact, some systems are built to fail. In some systems, the more you try, the worse your odds become.

That’s the way it is with most shortcuts. They are built to fail eventually, or they require such long odds to succeed that most people fail even when they try really hard to work the shortcut as described. It’s important that you are working a system proven to succeed.

When you have a system that works, that’s exactly how you must work it to succeed. Alex Jarret used a system that works. And while the system is effective, it only worked because Alex worked it.

The system is clearly outlined in the Official Get Rich Guide to Information Marketing. I’ve heard from many people that my book gave them what they needed to launch their business. Yes, it’s going to take work. I wrote the book to be the guide that I had prayed for in those moments kneeling in front of my desk. It’s a system that turns the odds to your favor the more you work the system.

There is a shortcut to the shortcut; you want to know what it is? I don’t talk about it much, but if you’d like to know, I’ll tell you.

Every day, do something that promotes your business. Every day do something that moves a customer closer to you. Reach out to a member of the press, send an email to a prospective customer, reach out to a JV partner or do anything else that moves customers closer to you.

When I first started out in information marketing, I was so excited that I ran a lead generation ad right away. Then I waited. I tried another marketing strategy and waited. Then I tried something else a few weeks later and waited. I was doing more waiting than marketing.

I see this frequently with clients. They use one marketing technique and expect their business to meet the goals they wrote down on a paper, just because they visualized themselves achieving those goals. The secret is doing everything at the same time. To become completely obsessed with doing absolutely everything possible to promote yourself and your products using every marketing technique you can think of. That’s when your business will exceed your goals and your wildest dreams.

I learned this shortcut from Dan Kennedy, and this one thing has done more for me than any other single technique. Do something every day, yes, even on the weekends, yes, even on Christmas Day, yes, even when you are otherwise busy. Every day. This is the system that turns the odds to your favor.

What do you think? Do you agree, or do you have a better shortcut for success? Do you have a better way of motivating yourself? Scroll down to the bottom of the page to leave me a comment. I read every comment and reply when appropriate.

Best wishes

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2 Comments on “The System to Grow Your Business”

  1. Hi Robert, I’m new to your blog. Your book was recommended to me by my GKIC coach because I want to build a continuity site.

    I’ve also been emailing with Denise, your assistant. She’s been very helpful in pointing me in the right direction.

    As far as the subject of today’s blog post goes, I do have a question. If I do all sorts of marketing all at the same time and travel 100 miles an hour, won’t I risk speeding past something that I should take more slowly?

    Sometimes I think that doing a few things with excellence is better than doing many things and being just average. does that apply to marketing as well? I’d love to hear thoughts.

    1. I do agree that a focused approach is what will help you accomplish more. Consistent effort towards fulfilling clearly defined goals is what helps you achieve your dreams.

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