Today’s Single Most Effective Technique to Recruit New Members

Unless you have a sales process that reliably generates new members, there won’t be any members to retain. While a lot of clients come to me because they have retention problems, I’m most often creating front-end marketing systems. When you recruit new members into your membership with the right type of offer, they are much easier to retain.

More money is generated for premium-priced memberships and subscriptions through video sales letters (VSLs) than any other sales tool. There are a lot of ways to produce VSLs, from animated hands drawing cartoons, to a live-action person speaking directly to the camera, or, the most popular, a voiceover with words on the screen.

For most high-volume marketers, voice over text converts higher than any other strategy, unless there’s something interesting happening in the video. Joe Schriefer has a successful VSL that features himself as a man on the street demonstrating how easy it is to follow the investment advice from his product, because any random person on the street can make money using it. This is a powerful demonstration that sucks the viewer in and makes video much more dynamic than words alone.

Mike Campion came for a consulting day to grow his membership program serving cleaning businesses. We first outlined a new member onboarding system that could deliver a fast transformation for his cleaning company clients.

Cleaning companies are frustrated about getting new clients, finding reliable employees, and getting the respect they deserve as business owners. The respect issue is unique, because they are embarrassed that most people think they are just janitors. Based on these pain points, Mike, his wife, Nathalie, and I created a course outline that cleaning companies can use to quickly transform their business life from overwork and overwhelm to hands-free recurring revenue from cleaning clients.

Then, we positioned that onboarding system as an incredible free gift for new members when they join. Mike created this VSL himself. I reviewed his script and gave him a few pointers, but he created it from start to finish.

Mike based his VSL on the standard, ”problem, agitate, solution” sales template. And, boy ‘o boy, Mike was ruthless with the agitation. Mike focused for several minutes on the pain points these cleaners face, to make sure their pain was acute.

Then, Mike sold the transformation — what life would be like after purchasing this transformation. He helped them picture what life would be like after implementing his program and becoming a member of his community.

Mike Campion’s first VSL includes the critical elements of any membership sales presentation. I encourage you to check it out and consider buying Mike’s program so you can see his new member onboarding program. You can watch by visiting

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