Using the Power of Exclusivity to Grow Your Revenue

Understanding exclusivity and how it can be used to motivate customers into buying doesn’t make you exempt from its power. In fact, it’s the real reason I’m running the Boston Marathon. I want to be in that exclusive group!

There’s no good reason to run a marathon. Yeah, the marathon is 26.2 miles long, but that’s the least of the running. Since December I’ve been “training” to prepare for the marathon itself. Heck, I even ran a marathon last month to prepare for the marathon.

Why? How many people can say they ran the Boston Marathon? Sure there are 35,000 runners at the Boston Marathon, but still — that’s a fraction of the small minority of people who have ever completed a marathon in general. Few marathon runners ever make it to Boston. Now I’ll be one of them! And, I’d like to invite you along with me, but first there’s something important for you to consider.

How can you use exclusivity within your membership programs? Is there something you could make available to only .1 percent of your list? If you have 1,000 members, that means there would be only one person to say yes. This could be a terrific opportunity for that customer to engage in a unique experience and a great opportunity for you as well.
I’d like to invite you to be part of an exclusive group. As part of running the Boston Marathon, I am raising money for a charity called Cops for Kids With Cancer.

Imagine, for a moment, having a child diagnosed with cancer. You can immediately feel the fear, horror, and guilt that comes with what you should be providing for your child. While that’s terrifying enough, it’s even worse when the financial reality sets in. There are treatments and medicines to buy, some of which aren’t covered by even the best health insurance programs. Add to that the expenses of lost work time, travel, and lodging when the child has to go into the hospital for treatment. This is why Cops for Kids With Cancer was founded.

Cops for Kids With Cancer was founded by police offers to raise money for contributions to families with a child undergoing cancer treatment. Cops for Kids With Cancer is volunteer run and operated by current and retired police officers. More than 90 percent of your contributions go directly to families to help cover treatment and living expenses from pediatric cancer.

My wife, Kory, and I are matching contributions up to $5,000.00 to double the impact of all your contributions to this great cause. We’re eager to support this charity created by police officers who are interested in giving back to the community by supporting families with children undergoing cancer treatment.

I invite you to join my team for the Boston Marathon. It’s like you’re coming along with me, and you don’t even have to run!

Will you contribute what you can? Visit to provide a tax deductible contribution to Cops for Kids With Cancer. I created a brief video about the charity and the opportunity to participate. If you’ve gotten any value from the free newsletters I’ve been printing and mailing you, join my Boston Marathon team by visiting and contributing what you can.

And, best of all, when you make a contribution, you will be one of the exclusive members of my Boston Marathon team. The team is growing every day, but YOU will be my favorite member.  I’ll dedicate a mile in your honor!

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