Your Subscription Metrics Suck

Subscription Metrics Suck

Comparing your churn rate, ARPU, or other metrics to a mean for your industry type is noise without signal. Just because someone can calculate a mean, doesn’t mean that number is meaningful when trying to manage your business.

This video reveals:

· Why churn rate is pointless and what to calculate instead.

· The Golden 100 that makes or breaks your LTV.

· A win, win, win scenario that’s actually a tragedy.

· Your new subscription metrics dashboard and how to read it.

· Subscription metrics focused around your MRR growth goals.

This episode of Be Unleavable Subscription Growth helps subscription businesses move beyond slowing growth rates by focusing on the subscription metrics that drive growth rates.

Watch Be Unleavable Subscription Growth here.


About Robert Skrob

The problem with subscription membership programs is that members quit, I fix that problem. For more than 20-years I have specialized in direct response marketing for member recruitment, retention and ascension in diverse subscription members environments including non-profit associations, for-profit publishers/coaching, subscriptions and SAAS companies. For an evaluation of your current churn rate and how I can improve it, contact me here. I discover there are often two or three quick wins you can implement within a week to lower churn immediately, let’s talk about your quick wins.
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