When You Let Up Before the Finish Line, You Lose the Race of Member Retention

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They drove 2,634 miles within 24 hours, non-stop. This is more than the distance between Daytona Beach Florida and Los Angeles California. Each team had three to four drivers taking shifts completing 740 laps around the Daytona International Speedway road course. Meanwhile, my son, Robert William, and I enjoyed watching the race from brand-new suites at the speedway. We even took part in the buffet, which included a prime rib brunch and my favorite dessert: pecan pie with ice cream and caramel sauce. While we were eating and relaxing, the drivers were pushing their cars through each turn as fast as they could go. Each car has a team of drivers taking turns to push the car to its limits through each turn for 24 straight hours. In the end, after racing for a full day, only 1.33 seconds separated the winner from the first runner-up. Any slip-up on any … Continued

The Best Type of Value to Provide

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I first noticed it in my dad’s tire store. I worked there during summer vacations from high school, changing tires and doing oil changes. There were some guys in the shop who worked hard and got a lot done, and then there were others who smoked cigarettes more than they worked on cars. Because the hard workers were almost always prompt in the mornings and worked hard throughout the day, my dad gave them the most slack on the days they were late or the times they wanted to take their kids to the doctor’s office. The guys who didn’t work as hard got sent home or were trouble if they were just a couple minutes late one morning. I took this lesson to heart and applied it to all of my work. In my first professional job, I quickly decided I’d do the work of three or four people. … Continued

What’s in it for them?

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As selfish people, we are always thinking about what we want. We want our customers to complete surveys, to confirm their opt-ins and to upgrade their memberships. Our customers are selfish people, too. While they may like us and may be willing to do us a favor, they are much more interested in doing themselves a favor. Every time you need a favor from your customers, whether it’s completing a survey, RSVPing for an event or bringing in a completed form to facilitate your on-site event registration, you must always ask by telling them how the action will benefit them. The survey is so you can provide training suited to their tastes. They are RSVPing to ensure there is a seat reserved for them. And they are printing and keeping up with their forms to speed up their time in the registration line on site. The fact that each of … Continued

Eight Goals of Your New Member Welcome Package — How Many Have You Included?

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The most important part of your new member orientation system is your member welcome package. For the Auto Training Institute, a new member welcome package contributed to longer retention, increased member lifetime value, and $1.4 million in revenue the first year it was implemented. You don’t have the opportunity to have a member for 10-months or 10-years unless you properly handle the first 10-minutes and 10-days of the relationship. Your new member welcome is the single most important part of your member relationship and, when done properly, it can earn you money each month in retained memberships. There are eight key elements needed to maximize the impact of your welcome package. In a world where Amazon.com Inc. can deliver a book, a protein bar, or a vacuum cleaner within two days, your members have little patience for anything slower from you. Your new member just input her credit card number … Continued

Your staff can create systems for you

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Tammy was at her wit’s end. Not only was she trying to keep up with two jobs, but she also had to take care of two Labrador Retrievers. In 2006, shortly after starting the Information Marketing Association, Bill Glazer and I had an idea: Let’s provide training for info-marketers’ staff. Because info-marketers are preoccupied with marketing, maybe if we trained their staff we could make sure the info-marketers received the benefit from the training in business systems and finance without them having to participate in the training themselves. I arranged to attend a Dan Kennedy Platinum Mastermind meeting. Dan invited his Platinum members to bring staff members for a special day-long mastermind meeting that I led. Eighteen staff members from around the country attended the mastermind session. The attendees represented a wide range of business sizes. One info-marketer brought two staff members out of the 31 who run his operation. … Continued

Forging a new identity, while being yourself

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I get frustrated when I hear about the social structure in high school. But then I realize it is the same everywhere else, if you let it. When my daughter, Samantha, was in high school, she had several classmates she had known for many years. They went to elementary and middle school together. But she doesn’t talk to them. Confused, I asked her why. She told me, “They are ‘populars,’ and I’m not. I hang out with the band.” Definitions can be interesting. According to high school social vernacular, “populars” doesn’t mean these students are well known or well liked; it means they are full of themselves. Samantha is looking for people who are more accepting of each other, and that’s the band kids. I don’t like this because I want everyone to like my daughter, and I want her to be the most popular kid in the school. More … Continued

From frustration to success


My office is across the street from one of the best and biggest elementary schools in Tallahassee. It’s particularly convenient for the young moms working here to have their children in school across the street. For the rest of us, it’s a total pain. Each day for about 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon, there are hundreds of cars on our typically quiet two-lane road. Usually it’s not a problem for me. Most days I’m working at my desk at 3 p.m. when all the kiddies and their parents are braving traffic to get home from school. But then it happened. I ended up in traffic. Trying to leave my office early, I got on the road and got stuck in the school traffic jam. Cars were backed up, bumper to bumper, waiting for the children to get dismissed, come to the curb and load … Continued

The Member Engagement Secret That’ll Attract and Retain More Members in 2016

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The Double Your Membership in 2016 LiveCast series over the last two months was a terrific success. I worked personally with the participants, and you’ll benefit over the next few months by seeing the tremendous before-and-after transformations. And, they’ll benefit from their membership growth. What I’m most proud of, though, is the growth the members will receive. What I teach turns your membership subscription programs into life-improving experiences for your members. I received a nice message from Ben Glass when he forwarded the email from Alivia you read about here. When I received it, I cried. While I was proud of Ben and his marketing director, Charlie Mann, for what they’d accomplished in their business, I was most proud of the positive impact their business has had on people’s lives. Ben’s one-page article recognized Alivia for what she’s accomplished. She’s already taken a step forward in her skills and abilities. … Continued

Do Free Trial Offers Create New Member Growth or Member Churn?


Within this video you’ll discover: Do free-trial offers contribute to long-term member growth? The biggest downfall of programs such as Groupon and what it means for building your membership program. How to attract subscriber members who are grateful to you and eagerly want to keep their subscriptions. Leave any comments or new ideas below.  I read them all and answer when appropriate.

The System to Grow Your Business


Your teachings have made a huge difference for me these past two years and I’m expecting some big gains this next year due to modeling my business after your pyramid. I’ll look forward to sharing the details with you sometime in near future. You don’t shortcut the shortcut. Hear people telling me they want to launch continuity programs or have other ideas how to do this. This is the fastest, most powerful route. Alex Jarrett www.TechnologyExecutivesClub.com I’ve been blessed the last few weeks to have received messages like Alex’s from several long-time IMA members. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to receive your notes. I can still remember the frustration and tears, on my knees in front of my desk, praying to God: “Whatever it takes, just show me what to do and I’ll work day and night to make it happen.” I sincerely appreciate his kind … Continued