“Great content” isn’t enough

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This has the power to transform everything you do in 2014. Imagine a magic wand that can make all the work you currently do more effective at generating customers and profit. This wasn’t as important years ago when the economy was good. Today, there are far more distractions, and consumers are a lot more discerning about where to spend their money. Last week I told you about the Northwestern University Media Management Center study that revealed people are not reading newspapers, magazines and blog sites for news; they are there for a “time-out” experience. Here are the reasons for reading that researchers heard from consumers and the real basis of whether a consumer liked a particular newspaper, blog or magazine: “It takes my mind off other things that are going on.” “It’s an escape.” “I like to go to this site when I am eating or taking a break.” “It … Continued

What Your Customers Really Want

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Here are the two possible ways your marketing message will be greeted by your customer: Disengagement; examples are cynicism, not for me, overload, annoying, sameness Engagement; examples are connection, inspiration, reinforces what I believe, trust and credibility, makes me smarter The examples above are a few of the thousands articulated by consumers in a recent Northwestern University Media Management Center study. I know, I know, academic studies are often out of touch and don’t relate to the real world, but this is going to answer a lot of questions for you. Right now the research is in its early stages, but this will be the subject of the next BIG business phenomenon like Tom Peters’ In Search of Excellence or Jim Collins’ Good to Great. Read on and you’ll get the use of this information years ahead of everyone else. The study sought to determine why consumers were moving from … Continued