3 Customer Retention Hacks

Customer retention is the fastest way to increase your company’s revenue.

How do you hold onto a customer for longer, so they buy from you more often? Click here to find out. Twenty years ago, my marketing mentor, Dan Kennedy, taught me, there are three ways to increase revenue in your business.  Generate new customers Increase transaction size Improve customer purchase frequency. Number one, generating new customers is what most businesses … Continued

#1 Subscriber Retention Secret

Position your membership as the shortcut for helping your member retention out of their problems to attract the members your business deserve

Have you ever had the situation where you decide to reach out to members to engage with them, but when you email o them, they reply with a request to cancel?  What can you do to resolve this situation? Click here to watch. See if you resonate with any of the following scenarios: You invest lots of time and money … Continued

Be Unleavable Leadership for Subscriber Retention

: Few think to apply leadership skills to their customers for retention

What leadership skills are necessary to get subscribers to want to pay you to be their leader? Click here to watch. Leadership is the ability of an individual to influence and guide followers or other members of an organization. And, almost all of these leadership books are written within an employee/employer context. Leadership is known to reduce turnover, create a … Continued

Annual or Monthly – which is best?

Here's a chart that models different subscription terms.

Annual, monthly, quarterly, or something else?  What’s the best subscription term, to maximize new subscriber conversion, member retention, and recurring revenue? Click here to watch. So what IS the best subscription terms?  Annual, monthly, quarterly or discounted trial subscriptions? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by my clients. Discounted trials bring in the most new members, but … Continued

Stops Long-term Member Churn

Long-term Member Churn

How do you build long-term loyalty that enables you to retain members for 2, 3, 5 years or MORE? I recently had a business owner tell me, “Robert, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a member been with me quite a while, they give me a glowing testimonial, and then they quit a couple of weeks later!” … Continued

Compete against free and win!

With all the free stuff how do you create a subscription that attracts and retains subscribers?

 When you create a paid subscription program how do you compete with all of the free resources available to get subscribers to join and members to keep paying for years? No matter what you offer there are thousands of free resources out there. You’ve got to make your subscription stand out, attract new subscribers, and retain your current members … Continued

Onboarding to Increase Long-Term Retention

Here’s an example to follow for increasing the LTV of each subscriber with effective onboarding and retention

How do you onboard your subscribers to set up long-term retention? Many subscription business leaders scoff at the idea of building a Subscriber On-Ramp™ because they want to focus on long-term retention. However, your new subscriber on-ramp is the key to long-term retention subscription growth. However, it’s often a challenge to understand what a great Subscriber On-Ramp™ looks like.  Here’s … Continued

How to Finally Grow Your Membership and Recurring Revenue, Simplified

Grow Your Membership and Recurring Revenue, Simplified

I just got off the phone with a prospective client for the first time. His team is generating more than 10,000 new members a month. That’s awesome — a great effort and commendable result that’s getting them featured in many marketing industry speeches. What isn’t getting featured is the fact that this same company is losing 9,500 members each month. … Continued