Essential KPIs for Monitoring the Health of Your Subscription Program

KPI to diagnose the fastest ways to grow membership programs.

Each year when I visit the doctor for my annual physical, the blood test results come back in a multi-page report detailing blood cells, cholesterol, liver enzymes, and more. A human body requires dozens of interconnecting systems to work properly and be healthy. Same with subscription programs. Subscription programs often reach out to me when they’ve hit an invisible ceiling. … Continued

Why Donald Trump Won’t Make America Great Again and Neither Will Trump’s Critics

Donald Trump identified a silent movement of fear and loathing within white America that delivered him to the White House. But, Trump didn’t invent fear-based movements; he’s simply a current practitioner. There’s evidence that fear has been used to lead and control people since the beginning of human history. The primary purpose of public crucifixions for Roman emperors was to … Continued

How Much Money Do Failed Credit Card Transactions Cost You Each Month?

How Much Money Do Failed Credit Card Transactions Cost You Each Month?

I remember, early in my monthly continuity days, waking up on the first of the month, looking at my Blackberry, and seeing hundreds of emails from my credit card processor — one for each transaction, indicating all of the credit card pre-approved subscription payments getting processed for the month. It was a moment of sweet appreciation. Even now, as I … Continued

The Secret for Faster Recurring Revenue Growth, Invest More on Member Retention

It’s been exhilarating working with several $100 million — and larger — publishers over the last couple of months. These companies spend millions of dollars on member acquisition. They track their numbers and know what’s working — and what’s not — within their marketing and sales funnels. Some have weekly training seminars for copywriters. They get together, analyze promotions that … Continued