Increasing Prices and Customer Loyalty

Higher Prices with Subscription

 Too many business leaders focus on trying to lower their prices. They cut expenses, cut salaries and cut corners. More than 20 years ago I learned from Dan Kennedy that smart business leaders focus on selling products at higher prices. In this episode of Be Unleavable Subscription Growth, I’ll show you the hierarchy of customer relationships. You’ll discover how … Continued

Your Subscriber Cash Flow Journey

Increase Subscription LTV

Too often mapping your subscriber journey fails to deliver increased lifetime value. It’s because most subscription experts focus on the wrong thing. They focus on mapping out the product and what subscribers should do to consume it. That may or may not increase consumption, but it does little for increasing subscriber LTV. Instead, map out your subscriber cash flow journey. … Continued

Increase LTV with Better Monetization

Growth with Better Monetization

You can 10X your subscriber LTV when you focus your optimization efforts on the biggest opportunities. Click here to discover how in this week’s episode of Be Unleavable Subscription Growth: Most efforts to increase subscriber LTV have an incremental impact, at best. Your average LTV likely directs you to focus your optimization efforts in the wrong place. Instead, you must … Continued

Facebook or Slack communities?

Should you use Facebook or Slack to build member communities?  Neither! An online community may engage subscribers and increase retention and renewals. Or it may become a nightmare. Sadly, most communities become “ghost towns” where good posts go to die from neglect. They become social proof that your members aren’t engaged. Other communities become tyrannical when members come to believe … Continued

How to Implement Netflix-style Subscription Marketing

Subscription Marketing

Few notice secrets hiding in plain sight. Lots of subscription owners wish to emulate Netflix’s subscription growth. Yet, they use an entirely different marketing approach. Then, they’re disappointed when their subscriber acquisition languishes with poor results. I’m asked to review dozens of subscription marketing efforts, retention plans and new subscriber onboarding campaigns each month. Almost all of them make the … Continued

3 Ways to Get More New Subscribers

Get More New Subscribers

An early business mentor, Bill Glazer, told me in 2004: “Most business owners get a new customer to make a sale. Smart owners focus on getting a new customer to buy a series of transactions.” While I liked the idea of getting a series of transactions from a new customer rather than one sale, my first thought was, What’s the … Continued

The $651,958.00 Email Series

series of emails generating $651,958.00

Can you imagine a series of emails generating $651,958.00? It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? This is the power of retention. And if it’ll work this well with this example, it’ll work for you too. Bradford Tax Institute delivers tax-saving strategies to members of the Tax Reduction Letter. How much do you enjoy working on your taxes? Exactly! This is … Continued

Lessons Learned from an Email Series that Generated $651,958.00

Email Series that Generated $651,958.00

I’m coming to you this month from seat 6E in the first-class cabin of flight AA1229 from San Diego to Dallas where I’ll catch a flight home to Tallahassee. I’ve been traveling a lot this summer. There’s a lot of Retention Deficit Disorder out there, and I’m the guy subscription membership programs call to treat it.. We’ve had a tumultuous … Continued