Case Study – Unlimited Car Wash Subscription

Without the subscription business model, the car wash business has a lot of problems.

How would you like to own a business with minimal labor that makes $1 to $2.5 million a year, with 50% of that, pure profit? Click here to find out. Investors have discovered the thriving business of car washing, all due to subscriptions. Car washes without subscriptions suffer from the high competition, bad economics pushing price down, no loyalty with … Continued

Monthly vs. annual payments, which is better?

Which is the best subscription. Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Payments.

There are three primary subscription terms, trial, monthly, and annual subscription. Which is best? Trial subscriptions have the highest conversion rates because they are discounting the monthly subscription charge by 80-90 percent. They have a higher churn rate than the others but usually result in more members after 12-months because of the superior front-end conversion rate. Use it if you … Continued

Subscription Price Increase Checklist

Customer retention and increased price is the fastest way to increase your company’s revenue.

How do you raise your subscription price without losing members? Click here to find out. Raising prices is difficult within any business, and subscription businesses present a unique challenge. With subscriptions, your subscriber has authorized a particular amount for transactions. You’ve agreed to deliver certain products in exchange for a specific price. A subscription business asking to increase the charged … Continued

Subscription MVP for Success

The MVP subscription idea has been holding founders back, rather than serving as fast way to get market feedback.

Why do so many subscription businesses struggle to scale after they launch? Click here to find out. MVP, or “Minimum Viable Product” has long been misunderstood. Today, most founders hear the term MVP and think it means Millionaire Venture Payday. They want to get to that big money, and especially now with crypto down, subscription start-ups appear to be the … Continued

Subscription Retention Made Easy

Even for annual subscribers, how you treat them within the first week of their subscription has a big impact on whether they renew their membership a year

What’s the best way to reduce churn, increase retention and grow your monthly recurring revenue? Click here to watch. In the subscription business, often 2/3 of your first-year subscriber churn happens within the first three months.  That’s right, 2/3 of the subscribers who cancel in the first year, actually cancel within the first three months after joining. And, of that … Continued

Be Unleavable Leadership for Subscriber Retention

: Few think to apply leadership skills to their customers for retention

What leadership skills are necessary to get subscribers to want to pay you to be their leader? Click here to watch. Leadership is the ability of an individual to influence and guide followers or other members of an organization. And, almost all of these leadership books are written within an employee/employer context. Leadership is known to reduce turnover, create a … Continued

Annual or Monthly – which is best?

Here's a chart that models different subscription terms.

Annual, monthly, quarterly, or something else?  What’s the best subscription term, to maximize new subscriber conversion, member retention, and recurring revenue? Click here to watch. So what IS the best subscription terms?  Annual, monthly, quarterly or discounted trial subscriptions? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by my clients. Discounted trials bring in the most new members, but … Continued

Why the FTC is Investigating Amazon Prime

What did Amazon do to trigger the investigation? The best for subscriber is to avoid showing up on the FTC’s radar.

How can you do everything possible to prevent subscribers from canceling their subscription or membership, without the FTC coming after you for fraud? Does Amazon Prime’s subscription processes cross the line? Click here to judge for yourself. Maximizing new subscriber sign-ups and minimizing churn or cancelations should be a high priority for every subscription business. And, when you have a … Continued

New Member Welcome Kits

Member Welcome Kits

What should you include in a new member welcome kit, to maximize retention? Astonishingly, most subscription businesses that deliver a physical product have no new member welcome kit for their subscribers. It’s a huge missed opportunity because you’re already shipping your customer something, whether it’s a subscription box, newsletter, or a physical product. When you do deliver a new member … Continued

Subscriber Welcome Calls That Improve Retention

Welcome Calls That Improve Retention

What does an effective new member welcome phone call look like, and does it really improve retention? So, if you’d like to improve retention, and you’re open to experiencing the benefits of effective phone calls to new subscribers, they need as much thought, strategy and careful crafting as everything else in your business.  When done well, these calls can turn … Continued