Be Unleavable Leadership for Subscriber Retention

: Few think to apply leadership skills to their customers for retention

What leadership skills are necessary to get subscribers to want to pay you to be their leader? Click here to watch. Leadership is the ability of an individual to influence and guide followers or other members of an organization. And, almost all of these leadership books are written within an employee/employer context. Leadership is known to reduce turnover, create a … Continued

Annual or Monthly – which is best?

Here's a chart that models different subscription terms.

Annual, monthly, quarterly, or something else?  What’s the best subscription term, to maximize new subscriber conversion, member retention, and recurring revenue? Click here to watch. So what IS the best subscription terms?  Annual, monthly, quarterly or discounted trial subscriptions? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by my clients. Discounted trials bring in the most new members, but … Continued

How to Craft Winning Offers for Member Retention


What can a Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate bar teach you about subscription growth? Click here to watch. Today, many subscription offers try to create great offers, but actually hurt their new member conversion and retention rates because they deliver more, where more is too much. Most subscription growth teams use the same approach to impact subscription conversion and retention: the … Continued

How to Add a Subscription to an Existing Business

When launching a new subscription offering, stop trying to be Netflix.

 What can this Polar Pop drink from Circle K teach you about subscription success? Click here to watch. Most businesses trying to launch a new subscription program fall into the same trap. For some reason, since the launch of Netflix, many subscription businesses want to emulate them, by delivering everything they sell, for one low price. For the last … Continued

Stops SaaS Churn Caused by the Handoff

are you inadvertently CAUSING a high churn rate?

If you’re running a B2B SaaS business, are you inadvertently CAUSING a high churn rate? Click here to watch. In business-to-business SaaS, there’s a handoff between the sales team and the implementation team. And, most SaaS companies make huge mistakes during that process, that may be doubling churn rates. Even though this example is FOCUSED on B2B SaaS, there’s important … Continued

Increase Trial Subscription Offer Conversion

This approach is pervasive in the subscription business. Many SaaS freemium or trial offers do the same kind of thing. for new subscribers

Do you know the #1 mistake in trial offers for subscription and membership businesses? Click here to discover how to increase conversion to paid subscribers. Many subscription or membership business owners use discounted trial offers can be a fast way to add a lot of new paying subscribers. The often-overlooked downside of trial subscribers is the high churn or cancelation … Continued

Why the FTC is Investigating Amazon Prime

What did Amazon do to trigger the investigation? The best for subscriber is to avoid showing up on the FTC’s radar.

How can you do everything possible to prevent subscribers from canceling their subscription or membership, without the FTC coming after you for fraud? Does Amazon Prime’s subscription processes cross the line? Click here to judge for yourself. Maximizing new subscriber sign-ups and minimizing churn or cancelations should be a high priority for every subscription business. And, when you have a … Continued

Stops Long-term Member Churn

Long-term Member Churn

How do you build long-term loyalty that enables you to retain members for 2, 3, 5 years or MORE? I recently had a business owner tell me, “Robert, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a member been with me quite a while, they give me a glowing testimonial, and then they quit a couple of weeks later!” … Continued

New Member Welcome Kits

Member Welcome Kits

What should you include in a new member welcome kit, to maximize retention? Astonishingly, most subscription businesses that deliver a physical product have no new member welcome kit for their subscribers. It’s a huge missed opportunity because you’re already shipping your customer something, whether it’s a subscription box, newsletter, or a physical product. When you do deliver a new member … Continued

2 Key Steps to Subscription Retention

Subscribers have 34 reasons to quit, THIS is the #1 thing that makes them stay.

What causes new subscribers to quit, and what can you do to help them to stay? Believe it or not, there are 34 different reasons your subscribers may quit. Understanding each one helps you design an approach that makes them want to stay. Subscriber engagement is the #1 secret to subscription growth. So how exactly do you create engagement? Typically, … Continued