Facebook or Slack communities?

Should you use Facebook or Slack to build member communities?  Neither! An online community may engage subscribers and increase retention and renewals. Or it may become a nightmare. Sadly, most communities become “ghost towns” where good posts go to die from neglect. They become social proof that your members aren’t engaged. Other communities become tyrannical when members come to believe … Continued

7 Secrets to Subscription Trial Conversion

Subscription Trial Conversion

If you’re offering free trials to new subscribers, you need to know these 7 key factors to increase your trial conversion. Improving trial subscription conversion rates has become a superpower of mine. Many subscription programs offer a discounted or free trial. The purpose of the trial is to induce more people to give the subscription a try. The hope is … Continued

How to Implement Netflix-style Subscription Marketing

Subscription Marketing

Few notice secrets hiding in plain sight. Lots of subscription owners wish to emulate Netflix’s subscription growth. Yet, they use an entirely different marketing approach. Then, they’re disappointed when their subscriber acquisition languishes with poor results. I’m asked to review dozens of subscription marketing efforts, retention plans and new subscriber onboarding campaigns each month. Almost all of them make the … Continued

3 Ways to Get More New Subscribers

Get More New Subscribers

An early business mentor, Bill Glazer, told me in 2004: “Most business owners get a new customer to make a sale. Smart owners focus on getting a new customer to buy a series of transactions.” While I liked the idea of getting a series of transactions from a new customer rather than one sale, my first thought was, What’s the … Continued

Your Members Don’t Exist to Solve Your Company’s Problems Your Membership Exists to Solve Your Member’s Problems

Your Membership Exists to Solve Your Member’s Problems

There are so many big promises out there about the benefits of membership and subscription business models that too many people launch, expecting that offering a membership will solve their business problems. You invest money and hundreds of hours creating a brand-new marketing campaign, but it generates so few members you wonder if it’s really worth it. You try to … Continued

Motivation First, Engagement Second, and then Retention for Life

Retention for Life

Zander Marshall, son of my friend and client friend Perry Marshall, told me this quote in a conversation we had at the Connemara National Park in Ireland. I made note of it in June when he said it, and I’ve been reading and rereading it ever since. Too often, when I’m asked to review why a membership program is failing … Continued