The Cause of Retention Deficit Disorder

For Retention what is the story of your customer; not just the avatar, but the difference between what she is and what she wants to become?

Just this week a prospective client told me, “When I recruit more new members, it just means I lose more next month.” This is a common symptom of Retention Deficit Disorder. And I’ve got the cure. In June 2019 I delivered a presentation at the famous SAM event at Las Vegas. Each session was 18-minutes, with strict guidelines specifying a … Continued

Stops New Subscribers from Quitting

Three keys to giving new subscribers a New Subscriber On Ramp™ to bring them up to speed.

What’s the BEST way to communicate with NEW members, so you can stop them from canceling their subscription shortly after joining? How you communicate with NEW subscribers needs to be different than the language you use with LONG-TERM members. To stop new subscribers from quitting and to retain members for the long-term, you must structure your member communication around three … Continued

Avoid This Subscriber Onboarding Trap

This is why ‘Customer Success’ is a false idol and a dangerous

Most people within the SaaS world are obsessed with the idea of “customer success.”  It’s a buzzword phrase that you’ll hear everywhere, and, while it’s obviously important that your customer gets value from your product, choosing some arbitrary collection of actions and naming it ‘customer success’ is frankly just as silly as doing nothing for onboarding. The prospect has to … Continued

Subscriber Welcome Calls That Improve Retention

Welcome Calls That Improve Retention

What does an effective new member welcome phone call look like, and does it really improve retention? So, if you’d like to improve retention, and you’re open to experiencing the benefits of effective phone calls to new subscribers, they need as much thought, strategy and careful crafting as everything else in your business.  When done well, these calls can turn … Continued

Compete against free and win!

With all the free stuff how do you create a subscription that attracts and retains subscribers?

 When you create a paid subscription program how do you compete with all of the free resources available to get subscribers to join and members to keep paying for years? No matter what you offer there are thousands of free resources out there. You’ve got to make your subscription stand out, attract new subscribers, and retain your current members … Continued

Onboarding to Increase Long-Term Retention

Here’s an example to follow for increasing the LTV of each subscriber with effective onboarding and retention

How do you onboard your subscribers to set up long-term retention? Many subscription business leaders scoff at the idea of building a Subscriber On-Ramp™ because they want to focus on long-term retention. However, your new subscriber on-ramp is the key to long-term retention subscription growth. However, it’s often a challenge to understand what a great Subscriber On-Ramp™ looks like.  Here’s … Continued

How to Reduce Churn

Most subscription businesses make this mistake that actually increases subscriber churn.

When subscription growth slows, how do you make it exponential again? Many subscription businesses are seeing plateauing growth.  After a great 2020 and a bigger 2021, growth is slowing.  Problem is, most are making a huge mistake that actually accelerates their churn rates rather than turning their business around. This episode of Be Unleavable® Subscription Growth reveals this mistake as … Continued

Don’t try to be Netflix

Don’t make this Netflix mistake in subscription growth.

 Why is growth slowing for so many streaming subscription services like Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime?  And, what does this slowing growth reveal for your subscription business? After the huge boost streaming video streaming services experienced in 2020, 2021 was level. Going forward, Deloitte reports higher expected churn rates in their report, entitled, “As the World Churns.” Too many … Continued

Taco Bell Wins the Subscription Business

Taco Bell demonstrates how to create a great subscription offer.

How has the new Taco Bell subscription program solved the number one problem facing start-up subscription businesses? Most subscription businesses make a huge mistake when they design the benefits they plan to deliver to their subscribers. This episode of Be Unleavable Subscription Growth breaks down Taco Bell’s Taco Lover’s Pass revealing the #1 secret to creating a subscription program that … Continued

Improving Annual Subscriber Renewal Rates

5 elements of high retention annual subscriber renewal programs.

What’s your renewal rate of your annual subscribers and how do you improve your annual subscriber renewal rate to grow your recurring revenue? While annual subscribers have higher a lifetime value than monthly subscribers, your annual subscriptions require an annual renewal notification process. While many of your subscribers are excited to renew, there are many others who are on the … Continued